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5 benefits of caring for an elderly parent

Benefits of caring for elderly parent

You’ve likely read or heard stories about the enormous sacrifices of individuals providing care to aging loved ones. It’s not unusual for those folks to put their careers on hold or do plenty of juggling between providing care and looking after their own kids. But, you seldom hear about the benefits of caring for an elderly parent from the point of view of the carer. Yes, there are many positives! From realizing what’s most important in life to gaining confidence, here are the most significant benefits:

1. It reveals who is truly there for you in life

There’s no denying that providing care to a senior parent can be a challenging and often lonely activity. However, one of the major benefits of doing so is that you soon learn which family members and friends are genuinely there for you.

Who turns out to be the most supportive one might surprise you. In a good way!

The sad truth about life, though, is that many people will claim to care about you. But, in reality, it’s just a statement they feel they should say, rather than a reiteration of a fact. When stuff gets heavy, they’re nowhere to be seen.

On the other hand, there are people who stand by you during the most challenging times, such as when you take your mom or dad into your home. The supportive folks are the ones with whom you’ll gain deep trust.

2. Your parent receiving good care is a major benefit

There’s always a danger the people who your aging parent trusts with their care will abuse it. Sadly, I saw the signs of that happening with a neighbor.

Don’t get me wrong, the vast majority of professional care teams do a great job and are trustworthy. However, as with any occupation, there are a few “bad apples” that can spoil things.

You don’t have to worry about any potential problems, though, when you are the caregiver. That’s because you know exactly what is happening with the schedule, level of quality, and more. Plus, given how close you and your parent on (see #5 on this list), they trust implicitly.

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3. You could get paid for what you do

It doesn’t matter if money is not a worry to you or if you already have a part-time job. It’s still good to know what’s available, especially if there comes a time when you no longer have the time to work outside of the home because caregiving becomes full-time.

Did you know you could earn money for providing quality care to your elderly parent? In fact, there are several ways of getting paid as a caregiver.

Yes, your father or mother could provide you with an income for what you do. But, other options allow you to earn money for what you do. During the difficult times of today, the extra money could come in handy for your household.

4. More confidence is another of the benefits of caring

Caregiving will throw a lot of challenges your way daily. You may not have the answers to all of the problems, but that doesn’t mean you won’t build up the confidence to find solutions to any issues that you and your elderly parent face together.

As a caregiver, you’ll feel more confident about your decisions over time. You will also be ready to tackle any demands that life throws at you, whether it’s regarding your parent or anything else.

5. Build a stronger bond with mom or dad

Lastly, you’ll build a stronger bond with your parent. You will likely enjoy having the opportunity to spend more time with them than you have during your adult years.

They are also sure to appreciate the time together. The memories you make together will last a lifetime.

This treasured time will also be one in which your parent likely reflects on raising you and getting to know you better as an adult. While there will be difficult days, no doubt, there are also bound to be amazing ones. Remembering the advantages of caring listed above will also help get you through any challenging times.

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