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5 tiny ways to get closer to your partner

Ways to grow closer to your partner

Relationships are never easy. That being said, working on one is often worth the effort. No matter what stage your relationship is in, it’s helpful to continue developing your love for each other. However, you may be tired of working on nothing but basic communication. While that’s certainly important, it’s a broad concept to approach! So, if you’re looking for smaller methods to try, here are small but important ways to get closer to your partner.

1. Have fun with clothes

While you may want to avoid being a couple that dresses exactly alike, getting subtly creative with your clothing could be a boon to your relationship. This can be done in both public and private life.

In public, you may want to try creating complementary outfits. Consider your favorite colors, designs, and overall styles. This collaboration will require is almost sure to help you two grow together.

In private, you can have fun with more intimate items. For instance, you could try wearing matching underwear for couples! In general, matching your clothes is a great way to appreciate each other’s styles and to feel connected.

2. Be unpredictable to get closer to your partner

Unfortunately, it can be very easy to let a relationship go stale. Once you two spend enough time together, you’ll probably get into a routine.

So, if this routine is one you always maintain, you might find that you’re not growing any closer. If this sounds familiar, introducing some spontaneity into your lives may be exactly what is needed.

Try surprising your partner with a trip, for example, to somewhere you two have never gone before. Just be sure that this spontaneity won’t be disruptive to your loved one. If this is a possibility in the relationship, you’ll want to have a discussion before making any rash decisions.

3. Discuss your love languages

Everyone expresses love in different ways. In fact, it’s speculated that there are five different “love languages” or ways to tell someone you love them. They are physical touch, gift-giving, acts of service, words of affirmation, and quality time.

While you may use all of these languages, one or more will likely be something that particularly translates as love to you. Because of this, it’s super important that you and your partner discuss this subject to get closer to one another.

If you don’t, you guys might feel like the other isn’t showing enough affection. Try to work with each other’s preferred ways of showing affection and see where that takes your relationship.

4. Call each other

In this day and age, it’s natural to text your friends instead of calling them. A lot of people actually feel more comfortable with sending messages than talking on the phone.

However, a relationship is a whole different ballpark. Unless you have anxiety related to calling anyone, you’ll want to get used to speaking with your significant other over the phone.

Make the effort to call each other at least once a day. Even if the calls only last for a couple of minutes, you can display feelings through your tone of voice. That’s why it’s on this list of ways to get closer to your partner.

5. Take a class together

Learning together is an excellent way to grow as both people and a couple. Couples classes often involve collaborating with each other, so you’ll be able to work on cooperation skills.

The trick is to choose a class that is enjoyable for both of you. Don’t allow either party to settle for an unwanted subject as you could end up growing some resentment rather than having fun.

One way to avoid this problem is to choose a class that can help both of you. For example, you might want to take a cooking class, especially if neither of you is great at making meals.

Conclusions on ways to get closer to your partner

Giving these suggestions a try, even only every once in a while, might benefit your relationship in the long run. See if any of them are fun or helpful for you two.

Most importantly, enjoy trying each one with the person you love! The quality time together can bring you a sense of closeness you didn’t expect and create great memories.

17 thoughts on “5 tiny ways to get closer to your partner”

  1. Great post, Christy! I especially like “Love languages”. I prefer physical touch and words of affirmation. My husband, not so much. He’s more acts of service, and quality time. Over the years, we’ve made it work!

  2. Okay, Christy, I have to admit that reading your blog post while Gone Girl was still fresh in my mind was eerie, and even a little surreal-ly humorous…(I just finished it late last night!). Books are, indeed, powerful!

    1. Well, I hadn’t quite finished with the book-downsizing process before I moved, so I’m working my way through the book boxes–lots of maritime history books to read through!

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