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5 summer lawn games for families

Best summer lawn games families

The nice weather is around the corner and we’re all wanting to get outdoors after what seems like an endless period inside. When you get into the back or front yard, be sure you’re with those who are in your bubble so that you all stay safe. If you’re wondering what to do for fun, check out these five summer lawn games for families:

1. Spikeball

Do you like an energetic lawn sport? If you do, Spikeball is for you. Spikeball is a combination of four squares and volleyball, but it’s much more compact and versatile.

Have fun with loved ones, slamming and jamming in the sunshine. Spikeball comes with a small trampoline, three balls, a net, a carry bag, and a rule book.

To play it, you separate into teams and take turns slamming the ball against the trampoline. Other players must react and lose points if they miss. The first team to reach 21 wins.

2. Cornhole: Classic family lawn games in summer

If you don’t know about the virtue of cornhole you can find out soon if you buy a couple of cornhole boards for the lawn. This favorite activity is popular with both kids and adults.

It is essentially a raised board that you launch small bags of corn at, or you can use small beanbags instead. If the corn (or similar) goes in the hole, you get points.

Although it’s a favorite law game and perfect for the better weather ahead, the standard of the board you use and the quality of the bags can affect the standard of play quite considerably. To invest in high-quality cornbread bags and gear, visit to enjoy the game without anything breaking or bursting the bag.

3. Jazzminton

Do you love ping-pong? Or, badminton? If you’re a fan of both, don’t you wish someone would combine the two sports into one hybrid sport that’s terrific to play outdoors?

Well, you’re in luck. The activity you want is called Jazzminton, and you can easily buy the things you need to play it from online shops. You will receive two paddles and four birdies.

This game may not feature at the Olympics, at least not yet, but if you want to get a little activity on the beach or lawn this spring and summer season, get out your chair and hit a few birdies back and forth. The birdies come in two forms, ones for a slow game and ones for a fast game.

4. More summer lawn games: 4 in a row

Sometimes, you want lawn games that are familiar and easy to play as a family, but also competitive and fun. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a giant 4 in a row game stored in your summer activities box in the garage. A giant 4 in a row is easy to put out on the lawn during a summer gathering.

Why is 4 in a row a good summer activity, though? Would it be better to have something more active instead? Not always.

Some people aren’t the active type and prefer a little bit of cerebral effort while enjoying the sun. That’s why so many people like to read at the pool or beach. So, 4 in a Row is a worthy alternative.

Summer is also a great time to get out on the golf course! If you’re new to the sport, this guide explains golf equipment, the health benefits of the game, and more.

5. Croquet

Croquet is a lawn game with a long and royal history. It used to be the lawn game of choice for many aristocratic families of the past, and it probably still is.

But that doesn’t mean ordinary people can’t play it too and have just as much fun (wink, wink). Think of croquet as the putting game of golf, turned into a sport.

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