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Redesigning your home: 5 helpful tips

Redesigning the home

Redecorating your property is the perfect way to improve its market value and make it feel more like home than before. However, most people don’t know where to begin when it comes to a partial or complete renovation. The prospect of it can be overwhelming. If you feel this way, the tips below are coming to you at a great time. Here are some pointers for redesigning your home with more ease and better results.

1. Redesigning your home: First, calculate the flooring

For starters, you will want to calculate how much new flooring you need for the reno project. This part is essential because you don’t want to overspend and buy more material than is necessary.

Without assistance, however, it can be difficult to judge exactly how much material you require. That is where flooring calculators can be very helpful for this job.

This type of calculator will tell you how much flooring material you need, according to the area and dimensions of your room(s), along with how much it all costs. Try using the best flooring calculator for the upcoming renovation.

2. Create room layouts

When redesigning rooms at home, it’s best to create a layout for each one before going ahead with the furnishing. That will give you a clear idea of the goal.

To create your room plan, measure the dimensions of each room, and add a scale. Once you have the space of the area, you can then figure out where everything should go.

For example, a 100cm sofa won’t be able to fit into a 90cm corner. I suggest making several drafts before settling upon the final design. Once this is done, your house will likely be much easier to furnish with a couch, television, beds, and more.

3. Redesigning your home: Consider sunlight

It is also important for homeowners to carefully consider how the sunlight will affect each room. If you have south-facing windows in the master bedroom, for example, be mindful that the light intensity can impact sleep quality.

On the other hand, you don’t want your living room to be somewhere that is dark and dingy. As a result, put some thought into where to position the different items of furniture.

Tall or bulky bookshelves and cabinets, if you put them next to a window, risk blocking the path of light from certain areas within a room. Aim to keep the space around your windows clear, to allow maximum light in the interior.

4. Have enough storage

Don’t get overzealous when redesigning your home either. Remember that it does still need to be practical and have room for storage, whether it’s a small living room, big kitchen, or another area.

When drafting your room plans, it’s usually best for homeowners to create areas specifically for stowing items. That could mean expanding a closet in a bedroom.

You will likely want to incorporate several cupboards and cabinets into the kitchen layout. A spare room can also provide a great place for storage or function as a home office.

5. Work with existing pipework and electrics

Finally, remember that the home’s design will affect where you need electrical sockets and pipework. For example, you can’t just change the position of your bathtub without considering how this will impact the piping.

The same concept applies to the kitchen and its electrical appliances. While it may place some limitations on where you can place various items, working with the existing layout is important. Doing so will ensure that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars changing what is already doing its job well.

These are some different considerations when completely redesigning your home. What are some other important ones?

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  1. I enjoy watching all of those renovation shows on HGTV. You can get some great ideas by watching them. For major renovations, I think that I would want to hire an expert. I might prove to save money in the long run.

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