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How to mourn a loved one’s wrongful death

Mourning wrongful death

Losing a loved one is painful, no matter the circumstance. But when it is an avoidable death, that hurts even more. You will likely go through anger, regret, and bitterness. Usually, your anger and pain direct at the person(s) who neglected the patient, leading to their untimely death. Most people going through such a loss don’t know how to separate the pain of death from the emotions relating to the malpractice. If you suddenly lose a loved one in unclear circumstances or medical malpractice, here are tips to help you handle the pain and anger related to wrongful death.

Don’t stay quiet

Most people feel defeated and powerless when facing a situation where a medical institution or a doctor neglected their loved one. They know they will be fighting a stronger opponent and probably a more experienced one.

But, don’t lose hope before you’ve tried. Talk to your close family and friends, then start a lawsuit against the individual or the institution responsible for the malpractice. But first, get to know who is responsible.

Greg Hoag is an experienced medical malpractice attorney who can help you start a lawsuit against the doctors or institution responsible for the death of your loved one. He will listen to your concerns, look at all the presented evidence, and even carry some independent investigation to ensure you have a strong case to file.

The attorney will want to know the circumstances surrounding the death, the people taking care of the patient, and the direct beneficiaries of the deceased’s will. This information is helpful in creating a stronger legal case.

Why you shouldn’t stay quiet about a wrongful death

First, it’s your family’s legal right to have your grievances addressed. A court of law decides whether you have a claim.

Secondly, you’ll be doing something to avenge the loss of your loved one. Some of the pain will go away as justice is served.

Thirdly, it will be a lesson to those involved in medical malpractice that there are consequences to their behavior. As a result of your actions, institutions will be more vigilant and involved in patient care.

They will have to reprimand the concerned parties, forcing staff members to take better care of their clients and consult when faced with an issue they don’t understand. The death of a loved one can bring life lessons for others.

Talk with a professional

Dealing with the pain and the realization that it was avoidable can be devastating. Focus on following through with the legal process for wrongful death but, at the same time, take care of your health.

Getting a professional counselor will help you process the grief. Most importantly, you’ll have a caring person whenever you need to talk about the pain, anger, and regrets.

Most people who don’t learn how to let go of the anger become bitter with life, depressed, and unhappy. They may end up harming themselves or acquiring avoidable conditions such as blood pressure, ulcers, and depression.

It’s essential to learn how to let go but ensure justice is served. However, letting go is easier said than done. Thankfully, a good counselor can help you get to an emotionally safe place when you can then honor your loved one by remembering them after they passed.

A few last words on wrongful death

With time, the pain fades away. But, it will be more satisfying for you and the entire family if you go through with the lawsuit and got favorable compensation.

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  1. Fortunately, that has never happened to any of my loved ones, but your advice sounds good. I hope you are not writing this from personal experience.

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