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5 tips for good oral hygiene and beautiful smiles

tips for good oral hygiene

The mouth is one of the essential organs of the human body, and poor oral health can compromise your overall health in multiple ways. As such, it is crucial to take good care of your teeth to keep them strong, healthy, and looking good. Here are five simple tips for maintaining good hygiene and oral care to help you do exactly that.

1. Brush regularly

Food particles can easily lodge in the tiny spaces between your teeth. These food particles can cause staining, ruining your smile. Those same particles also increase the risk of damage to your gums and teeth.

So, what to do? Brushing your teeth is the easiest way of getting rid of these food particles.

Experts recommend brushing your teeth after every meal. However, brushing twice daily – once in the morning and again before going to bed – will also do. Ensure that you rinse after every meal using mouthwash or water to help wash away particles.

2. Flossing tips for maintaining good oral hygiene

Brushing will help eliminate the loose food particles in your mouth too, but it has limited reach. That means that even when you can brush regularly food particles can still get stuck between your teeth. Now you see why it’s important to also floss regularly.

Dental floss can reach between the small spaces in your teeth and get rid of stuck food bits. There are other flossing benefits too!

The floss also stimulates the gums and lowers inflammation. That is why it is especially recommendable for older adults with arthritis. Finally, flossing is part of a good oral care routine for stronger, healthier, and whiter teeth.

3. Get your teeth straightened

Clean teeth are necessary for a beautiful smile. They also look great when they are straight and shapely, rather than crooked and uneven.

Crooked teeth are bad for more than just your smile, though. They can cause biting difficulties and increase the risk of oral conditions, such as tooth decay and bleeding gums. That’s why this straightening tip is on the list of recommendations for good oral hygiene.

Teeth straightening is often the best solution to a crooked smile and can prevent those other mentioned consequences. Total Freedom Dental Implants can help, and make sure you see your dentist for further consultation.

4. Avoid sugary and acidic foods

Sugar is sweet, but it has a corrosive effect on your teeth. Sugar turns into acid when left to settle into the mouth for prolonged periods, and this acid proceeds to erode tooth enamel.

You know where this is going. Sugary and acidic foods are among the leading causes of cavities, especially among children. It is also worth noting that sugar is terrible for your overall health as it increases the risk of chronic conditions, including diabetes and heart disease.

Thus, avoid having too many sugary and acidic foods and beverages. Instead, consider replacing them with healthier alternatives.

5. Mouthwash tips for good oral hygiene

I only recently learned about the importance of mouthwash! Thanks to my mom for telling me more about its benefits.

Firstly, mouthwash is great for getting rid of a bad aftertaste and giving you fresh breath. It also kills the bacteria lingering in your mouth, including those that turn sugar into acid.

And that’s not all. The rinse also helps contain minerals that seep into the enamel, making your teeth stronger and healthier. As such, it is advisable to rinse your mouth using mouthwash regularly. Do it after every meal, ideally.

I’m in favor of alcohol-free mouthwashes. The alcohol ones seem to be drying and harsh.


Proper oral hygiene and dental care can make your teeth strong, healthy, and look great. It also helps to straighten your teeth.

For all the great reasons above, consider putting the tips above for good oral hygiene into practice. It is also a good idea to schedule regular checkups with your dentist.

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