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5 main advantages of distance learning

distance learning advantages

Distance learning courses have been growing in popularity for the last 10 years for their many advantages. Lately, it has become even more of a mainstay due to global circumstances, including the coronavirus pandemic.

The increasing use of online resources

While there have always been some useful tools and platforms to help support distance learners, there has been an explosion in the number of tools, advice, and platforms. This is all great because it means there is even more flexibility in learning as students move forward.

It is essential to accept that not everyone will enjoy distance learning, and many people don’t like it. For millions, it has been the more convenient and affordable access to a degree and school that has been important. Plus, distance education increases learning around hobbies.

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The main advantages of distance learning courses:

1. Flexibility

If you want to do stuff in the middle of the night, you can. If you need access to your online materials while traveling, yes, it’s possible. You can learn wherever and whenever you have time.

It’s as flexible as you need it to be, and you can share contacts, media files, and more using apps like gbwhatsapp on your phone. Plus, in most cases, all you need to adhere to is the deadlines for the coursework and any exam dates. Work when you want, provided that you meet these important dates.

2. Support

Distance learning hasn’t always been very social, so it’s mainly as of late that this has become one of its benefits. Some students never meet a person from their course, and they never even see their tutor in person.

Over time it has become more common to have video classes, though. There are also recorded webinars. Another benefit is the support from emails and even a social aspect for students in the same course.

There is online teaching software for schools and groups too. Plus, the use of Microsoft Teams, Zoom and more with chat options adds a social element to distance education.

There are even WhatsApp groups for classes. All of these things have increased the support available in the distance learning process.

3. Updates

The nature of the internet means that the courses are often updated regularly too. The quality of resources and material will often be the most up-to-date that you can get.

While you will most likely still use supporting books whose text might be a little bit outdated, the online material will be the best.

4. More distance learning benefits: It’s fast

If you find a course you like, it can be possible to sign up immediately. Meanwhile, some of the more formal universities might only have enrollment twice a year, so you’ll need to keep an eye on the dates.

Many universities also have free courses that you can begin at any time. That can be a great way to start the path toward earning a degree in finance or another field of interest.

A web application is typically streamlined too. That means fewer paper forms and delays than the traditional course enrollment process. Of course, every school is different so always check the details.

5. Career focus

Since you most likely have a job right now, you probably can’t afford to take many days off to go to lessons during the day. But the flexibility of online education, as discussed earlier, makes it easier to keep the day job to pay bills and still focus on building a career that you find more rewarding.

This benefit applies when you are in a job that you don’t want to stay in for long as it doesn’t feel like it can be a long-term career. Online learning means you can learn more about the career you wish to have while retaining your current job’s security.

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Last thoughts on the advantages of distance learning

Distance learning is something that will likely increase ten-fold in the next few years. So, if you have been putting off finding the perfect course for you, it might just be time to sign up.

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  1. Hi Christy… Wonderful read and many valuable suggestions. I think people should continue learning… I have always felt we should continue to study interests and learning. Long before the internet we had this thing called correspondence by mail. The human mind is like any muscle in your body it needs exercise…

    Hugs to you and yours and stay well Christy

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