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How to stay safe when a family member is infectious

Cleaning: Family member is infectious

Whether it’s COVID-19 or something less serious, it’s important to take care of your health and yourself when you’re living with someone who’s infectious. Staying safe and stopping the spread is always the most desirable outcome when a family member is infectious, but how to achieve it? That’s what we’re going to talk about today, so read on for some of the best safety steps.

Put extra time and effort into cleaning

First of all, you need to develop an aggressive cleaning schedule. That’s going to keep you on the right track and ensure you don’t spread the disease inadvertently.

It’s important to remember that viruses of many different kinds can live on surfaces for a while before dying, which means the disease can spread within households.

As well as keeping the home cleaner than ever, keep the home well ventilated too. Otherwise, droplets containing the virus might spread through the house, even when you’re taking care to physical distance from one another.

Help with food and hydration, while distancing

One of the things that the infectious person who you’re living with will need is at least a bit of support with food and drinks. Hydration is particularly important for people who are battling a viral disease. Moisture can heal membranes that need it when someone has the flu, for instance, so more bacteria doesn’t accumulate.

Now you see why providing your loved one with a steady supply of water throughout the day is essential. But, when you’re giving things to them, make sure you keep at a distance to avoid coming within a close enough range for transmission.

Keep living spaces separate from an infectious family member

Dedicating part of the home for use by the person who is sick is a good idea. If the “well” people use different areas of the home from the unwell, the spread of the disease between people will be far less likely. Then you can return to normal interaction when they’re fully recovered.

If you have the luxury of more than one bathroom and more than one living space, certainly take advantage of that. If not, make sure that you clean those common areas regularly. Also, wash your hands regularly with soap and warm water, or use a sanitizer!

Use the right professional-grade PPE

Wear the right type of protection for occasions when you are coming into closer and more direct contact with the person who’s sick. You might want to use Level 2 Isolation Gowns, for example.

It is also important that both people wear face masks. Choose ones that offer good protection and two-way air filtration for maximum levels of protection. That’s part of limiting the spread of the virus.

When cleaning, wearing gloves is a good idea as then you can toss them in the trash once you’re done. Finish up by thoroughly washing your hands or using sanitizer.

Be careful about the risk you might pose to others

Even if you don’t think you’re infectious, that is not necessarily the case. You could be infectious without realizing it.

That’s why it’s so imperative that you are careful and think about the risk you might post to other people. Follow the relevant health guidelines. Especially when it comes to COVID, which might mean isolating at home for a period of time.

Final words on you and the infectious family member

Staying safe and making sure the disease doesn’t spread is more important today than ever before. Health services around the world are being put under unprecedented stress.

So, follow the tips above if you find yourself living with an infectious person. It doesn’t make sense to take risks here.

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