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2021 fashion trend forecast for women and men

2021 fashion trend forecast

Looking out for new trends is a good way of making sure you stay a fashionista. When talking about the top 2021 men’s and women’s fashion trends, always make sure you feel comfortable in what you wear and genuinely like the pieces, rather than just following all trends. Pick and choose the ones you like best from this 2021 fashion trend forecast!

You can stay current in the fashion world by checking out what trends are popular at online shopping sites and looking for sites that offer great deals, especially online stores that provide voucher codes on their products for massive savings.

Fashion in coronavirus times

Most 2020 fashion trends might have seemed like a waste of outfits because instead of wearing the latest styles, most people went back to wearing sweatpants because of quarantine days. But the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t have to stop you from being a fashionista!

Despite the fashion obstacles in 2020, the leading designers have not stopped working around the clock to revolutionize the 2021 fashion trends. With the lifestyle changes that accompanied the pandemic, designers came up with must-have outfit trends for 2021. Let’s get to it.

2021 fashion trend forecast for women:

1. Clingy sweaters

This is good news for sweater lovers. Clingy sweaters are definitely set to take over in 2021. These clingy sweaters are made of light material that hugs the body in the right places. Some of these sweaters are one-sleeved with strategic cutouts that add a futuristic asymmetrical look.

When first looking at the various designs, these clingy sweaters might seem expensive. But, when looking out for where to buy your next stylish outfit, be sure to purchase from stores that have a coupon code on their products. Then you can get the item you want cheaper.

To complete the outfit, add permanent jewelry in your favorite color. Look for high-quality accessories that complement the sweater.

2. The ’70s-inspired looks

The 70s are back, baby! The retro looks return and they’re bound to be popular this year. Given that some of the best ’70s aesthetics are common on social media apps like TikTok, the 70s-inspired attire is about to take everything by storm.

Some of the biggest colors for the ’70s look are burnt oranges and earthy tones. Among the most popular prints in the 2021 fashion trend forecast is argyle.

What about the types of fabrics to expect? Among the favorites is likely to be corduroy. Flared trousers and pointed collars will likely stand out in the fashion industry too.

3. Oversized pants are big on the 2021 fashion trend forecast

Watch for large pants to come back in style too, ladies. Say goodbye to the old sweatpants and say hello to new and more stylish options in athleisure and dressier pants.

The oversized trousers are very comfortable to wear like your beloved sweats, but they are more stylish. These loose trousers will be a must for your wardrobe.

The pants are very versatile, so you’re bound to get plenty of use out of them. For example, go from the grocery store to a social distance event, or hang out at home in them.

Your sense of style does not have to cost you a lot either. Some online stores have great deals on trendy clothes by offering gift vouchers. While making orders, make sure to take advantage of these voucher codes and get discounts.

4. Blazers

Traditionally masculine and feminine lines blur in the fashion industry today, which is great. I love the blazer look for females! The gender distinction in clothing began to lessen in the 1970s.

Oversized men’s jackets can look great on you with a pair of jeans and a clingy turtleneck. Add the boots and your mask, and then you’re ready to go out.

Blazers not only signal professionalism but the oversized nature has a casual look too, which means you can wear them in lots of different places.

5. Dark academia aesthetic

The school year has had a different look in 2020. That does not mean a new sub-culture won’t take over in 2021.

Dark academia has inspirations heavily drawn from writing, reading, and learning vibes. The outfit is best described as a traditional academic style with a bit of gothic edge. Wearing gothic-clothing continues to be on-trend, and it is a style that dates back to the 1980s.

As part of this trend, watch for oversized cardigans, velvet coats, and vintage styles. The winter and spring seasons of 2021 will bring out the dark academia look more stylishly than before. You can always get coupon codes for some of the best online deals.

Men’s 2021 fashion trend forecast:

1. Sweater vests

Sweater vests are coming back to the fashion industry. My hubby is happy as he regularly wore them in 2020 with a dress shirt and jeans or casual pants. Now, his style is on-trend, woohoo!

The current sweater vests are not fluffy or old-school like before. For great sweater vests, opt for fun colors and match them in the most unexpected ways. Some of the variety of sweater vests are cable knit ones that have stripes and Supima cotton sweater vests in classic black.

2. Leather up for the 2021 fashion trend forecast

The 2021 fashion trend forecast for men includes wearing more leather than in recent years. You can build your leather outfit with the basics by buying one item after the other.

Some of the best leather pieces are faux leather pants, which you can pair with a cotton t-shirt. Men also look great in leather coats and boots.

Faux Leather Jackets for men or women are also stylish and animal-friendly. There are many great styles to complete a range of looks, from aviator to rocker.

3. Suits and sandals

Suiting up is making a big statement, although it has a bit of a twist in the New Year. How?

The twist is the addition of fancy sandals. Suiting up with sandals brings a great balance between casual and official looks. It’s a great look that can also be more comfortable than wearing tight dress shoes. They complete an outfit well.

4. Colored snakeskin

Come 2021, leopard prints are coming to a halt, and it’s time for some new prints. For instance, classic zebra or brightly colored snakeskin. Colored snakeskin jackets can pair well with a pair of leather joggers.

5. Patchwork

In 2021, patchwork is definitely making a comeback. Patchwork coats blend well with evening-out attire, and they also look great with sweaters during the daytime. Patchwork designs also come in the form of long sleeve shirts and other pieces.

Conclusions on the 2021 fashion trend forecast

2020 has surely been one of the most unusual years. But, you can start 2021 with a bang by making a huge fashion statement with the trends above. When online shopping, take advantage of the amazing online coupons that some sites offer you.

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