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5 positive changes to improve your health

Improve your health positive change

When setting personal goals, many of us would like to be a little healthier! Perhaps you’ve tried making a few changes here and there but haven’t managed to make them stick? Often, the simplest ideas are the easiest to put in place. To help you make positive changes today, consider these five options to improve your health.

Shake up your exercise regime

We all understand that exercise is important for our physical and mental health. The challenge is to stick to an exercise regime.

Perhaps the same routine over and over is getting boring. If it’s getting difficult to motivate yourself to workout, it’s time to shake things up. So, how can you do this?

Mix it up. Instead of doing the same gym routine each day, choose a different activity for every day of the week.

You might choose a dance exercise video on Monday, a yoga session on Tuesday, and a run in the woods on Wednesday. Whatever activities you choose, it’s fun to mix it up!

Improve your health with a friend

Get an exercise buddy. When you lack motivation, what you need is an exercise partner to inspire you.

For example, plan to meet a friend at the park to do some bodyweight exercises. Another option is to take a pilates class together.

Healthy eating tools for positive change

Eating the right foods can help to improve your nutritional health, boost your immune system, and even improve your mood. Sometimes you need a little support to get into the right habits, and you can do this using the following two apps.

  • Plate Joy: With the PlateJoy app, healthy eating has never been simpler. With this app, you can set goals for both fitness and health. There are plenty of healthy recipes to inspire you, plus the options to create personalized meal plans and grocery lists.
  • Super Food: Want to eat more delicious superfoods? This mobile app has all the recipes and tips you need on these powerhouse ingredients. The special features include a nutritional tracker and calorie counter.

A healthier environment also includes the home. Here are five ways to create a healthier home.

Improve your health with stress coping methods

Stress is one of the worst things for your physical and mental health. To stay on top of things, adopt appropriate stress coping strategies. For a few ideas, consider these:

  • Practice Yoga: Yoga is an amazing exercise to release stress. You’ll learn about mindfulness and breathing methods by doing the poses. You are also channeling positive energy into your life.
  • Meditation: Many yoga classes include mediation sessions, and you can practice meditation separately too. To start on this journey at home, try the Buddhify app.

Book your health checks

It’s vital to book regular health checks, from your physical exams to your hearing tests and visits to your optometrist. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, there are plenty more opportunities to book online doctor’s appointments if this method is your preference.

Lastly, it can be beneficial to keep a journal when it comes to improving your mental health. Many people find it therapeutic to have a space to jot down difficult emotions and issues they are experiencing to work through them.

8 thoughts on “5 positive changes to improve your health”

  1. You are spot on with shaking up the workouts. I’ve been doing some home workouts from Lucy Wynham Read on YouTube everyday since the end of August. I shake up the routines every seven days and it keeps it motivating and interesting. I’m fitter, feel better, more flexible and it feels good!

    Great informative post as always Christy xx

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