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5 Dental Problems You Have Control Over

Dental problems

Dental health isn’t the most popular topic at the dinner table, but poor oral hygiene can seriously impact how well you can chew, swallow, or speak. Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day and making sure you visit a dentist for a regular check-up are essential for avoiding the following dental problems.

1. Bad Breath

More ominously known as halitosis, dealing with bad breath is an embarrassing condition. A deeper dental issue may be to blame for those whose breath can’t be conquered by mouth wash. Dry mouth, oral cancer, cavities, gum disease, and bacteria lingering on the tongue can cause persistent bad breath. A visit to a dentist can set the record straight on what to do.

2. Dental Problems include Periodontal Disease

Also known as gum disease, this condition can affect anybody though it generally occurs after the age of 30. With gum disease, there is an infection that settles into the gums. It creates bleeding or swelling in the gums, sensitivity in the teeth, and bad breath. Gingivitis and periodontitis are serious stages of gum disease.

3. Unattractive Smile

You can take charge of restoring your smile with a trip to an orthodontist in Queen Creek AZ or by asking your dentist what your options are. While you may think that a crooked or discolored smile is not your fault, this is still a dental area you can control.

Your smile may cause low self-esteem, leading to anxiety or depression. A dentist might recommend teeth whitening trays to brighten your smile.

4. More Dental Problems: Tooth Decay

After the common cold, cavities are considered the second most prevalent disease among U.S. residents. Children and adults alike are susceptible to cavities, though there is an increased risk among the elderly.

The threat of tooth decay is preventable, thank goodness. Brushing and flossing at least twice a day, using a protective mouthwash, and keeping up with your dental visits are helpful.

5. Tooth Sensitivity

For teeth that have decay or cavities, bacteria can get trapped down in the tooth and create an infection. As the tooth’s interior fills with pus, it puts intense pressure on the root.

The pain can be unbearable and radiate into the jaw or the ear. This is an abscess, and a dentist must treat it. You can prevent these by following your dentist’s recommendations for addressing tooth decay or cavities discovered during an exam.

Your oral hygiene helps preserve the functioning of your teeth and prevents tooth loss or oral diseases. Follow your dentist’s advice for a thorough cleaning and daily care routine.


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