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4 ways to reduce joint pain naturally

reduce joint pain naturally

If you ever suffer from stiff or painful joints, then you know how frustrating it can be not to be able to do the things you enjoy the most. Although the reason for aching joints is not always clear, the sensation can cause sleepless nights, low moods, stress, and anxiety to many of its sufferers. Below are four easy ways to reduce joint pain naturally to improve the quality of your day-to-day life.

You can use these simple methods daily to minimize the discomfort caused by joint pains and feel able to start doing the things you enjoy the most.  If your pain continues, worsens, or causes you worry that something is wrong, then seek advice from your doctor.

Have a bath every night

Get into the routine of having a relaxing soak in the bath at the end of every day. The sensation of lying in a hot bath can be an effective way to combat stiff joints.

The warm water relaxes the surrounding muscles, not to mention calming the mind. Take a book or a magazine with you to help extend the time in the bath and make the experience a comfortable one.

Add your favourite bath products, such as bubbles or bath bombs, as these things will help you relax and make your bath time more enjoyable. If you are new to bath bombs, then have a look online to explore the possibilities. Many companies make specific bath products to help ease aches and pains using essential oils.

Consider essential oils to reduce joint pain naturally

Many people who suffer from joint pain use essential oils to relax their body. Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways, such as putting a few drops in your bath or on your pillow, applying topically, or using an oil burner to aromatize the room.

Lavender oil is one of the most popular choices as the smell provides an instant shot of calm, and it is well known to relieve pain and inflammation. It is a great choice when creating a relaxing bath too. Just add a few drops to your bath water before getting in the water.

Another option is to add essential oils topically to the affected area. Many people find using CBD oil this way can be extremely useful. Here is a list of CBD cream brands to consider if you want to try it yourself. Other popular choices include eucalyptus oil, hops oi,l and CBD oil, all of which are excellent at relaxing muscles and, therefore, reducing joint pain.

If you are unsure about which essential oils to use to reduce joint pain, trying products like topical creams or bath bombs that already contain essential oils. They are designed to be easy to use.

Consume a healthy diet

What you eat obviously has a huge impact on your health. If you are slightly overweight and have joint pains, then any health professional will likely recommend losing weight to reduce the strain on your joints. While this is excellent advice, it does take time to achieve it!

So, be realistic. Making even small changes towards a healthier diet can have a positive impact on both your joint pain and your well-being, though, which is great news.

Oiling your joints may sound like a strange idea, but it is true that eating foods that contain high levels of Omega-3, and fatty acids actually lower joint pain. Try replacing some of your unhealthy snacks with nuts and seeds, regularly eat fish and increase your intake of oils, such as olive or hemp oil.

Ways to reduce joint pain: Try low-impact exercise

Low-impact exercises are a great way to gently get your joints moving again. It is important to find the right level of activity where your joint will benefit from the movement without causing yourself any further damage.

Activities that cause consistent and regular impact to your joints may worsen any condition you have already. Thus, it is always wise to seek advice from your doctor before starting any new regular exercise routine.

Low-impact exercise like swimming can be a good choice to those who are just starting a new fitness routine. Swimming gives you an excellent cardio workout without putting excessive strain on the joints. Other choices for those who are a bit more adventurous might include yoga or Tai Chi classes.


Now you’ve read these four ways to reduce joint pain naturally, you are armed with useful information that has the potential to ease your discomfort. The details above can help to improve your daily comfort. Home remedies that are natural are ones to consider, rather than just going for medications that often only mask the problem.

Always check with your doctor before making changes to how you eat or exercise. The words above are suggestions but your doctor knows you the best so seek the help of the medical professional.

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  1. When we reach older adults, these pains appear more frequently due to the natural wear and tear of the joints.
    With this article you have the opportunity to acquire more knowledge and apply the recommendations to have a better quality of life.
    I think it’s great that you bring up this topic. Thanks for sharing. Your blog is still the best.
    Manuel Angel

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