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Your complete guide to summer slides

Summer slides 2020

Slides are classic summer shoes. This style typically features one or two straps that go over the top of the foot, leaving the toes and ankle exposed. Depending on the brand and style of shoes, slides may provide more or less support. Birkenstocks for women feature a molded footbed that makes these shoes more comfortable to wear than slides with completely flat soles or straps that do not tighten. This guide covers the best ways to wear summer slides, popular slide styles, and tips to help you compare shoes and buy Birkenstocks online.

Where to wear slides

Slides are ideal for lazy summer days. This footwear originated as beach and pool footwear and can be perfect for either destination.

While slides may feel comfortable during casual wear, these shoes may not be the best choice for walking long distances. Molded footbeds and adjustable straps make Birkenstock slides an exception.

Many slides and flat shoes for women are comfortable and surprisingly stylish when worn on casual occasions. These shoe styles can also be dressed up, either with footwear design or an outfit and accessories. In general, slides are considered more formal than flip-flops, as these shoes do not fit in between the toes. With the right sole, upper materials, and design, this footwear can also provide more support.

A choice of materials for summer slides

Slides come in materials that range from leather to rubber. The materials this footwear is made of play a part in determining which slides are best to wear for active, casual, or more formal occasions.

Birkenstocks with cork soles and nubuck leather or synthetic Birkibuc footbeds should not get wet. Wear the waterproof EVA version of the brand’s most popular slide style, the Arizona, when poolside or at the shore.

For everyday wear or dressing up, you may generally prefer to wear slides that have comfortable soles and one or more straps made of leather, faux leather, fabric, rubber, or another material.

Variations on slide styles

The number of straps on slide sandals is the most common variation. It is also possible to find slides that bridge the boundary between sandals and other shoe styles.

Slides you plan to walk in should have a supportive footbed. For a more customizable fit, select a style with adjustable straps. Slides with a slight heel may be more comfortable than sandals with flat soles. Chunky or thick heels tend to be more stable in this shoe design than stilettos or even lower kitten heels.

Slides got their name from how easy they are to slip on and take off. If you want shoes to wear around the house, while running errands, or to dress up or down for any occasion during the summer, you may want to consider a pair of slides.

Some summer slides may cause you to walk by curling your toes or clenching your feet, which can alter your gait and cause discomfort over long distances. This is less of a problem with Birkenstocks or other slides designed to develop foot and leg muscles.

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