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Preparing your workplace for employees COVID-19 return

Plan for employees COVID-19 return

A return to regular work is going to happen at some point in the future across the world. Some restrictions are starting to be lifted, all while regularly reviewing current COVID-19 conditions. It’s becoming clear that businesses need to create a back-to-work plan if they don’t already have one. Let’s look at what a good employee’s COVID-19 return plan looks like below.

Looking ahead

Reopening is a welcome move among several businesses that have struggled during this time. However, reintroduction to the standard office life can be dangerous if it’s not handled correctly.

If you’re planning on reintegrating back into your regular business premises, you need a plan that maintains safety, rebuilds morale, and manages resources well. That will help your reopening go smoothly and instill confidence in employees and customers.

Let’s have a look at some of the areas you could tackle in order to achieve this:

Employee numbers

Although it would be nice just to say to all of your employees “come back to work” and have them start back immediately, this plan isn’t a realistic one. Returning to a shared workplace has a huge risk for contracting the virus.

This means managing the number of workers in the workplace is critical for protecting workplace safety. Think about reintroducing employees to the office in a staggered fashion and rotate different groups as coronavirus clusters from working in the office to working from home. If there are certain roles or tasks that require completion in the office, then prioritize these activities.

Maintain remote working

Despite people being able to return to work, it is still essential for businesses to continue some remote work for at least several months. Swapping and changing people throughout could cause a lot of problems.

Many businesses may even choose to have more people working from home for economical reasons. Others may have to suddenly revert back to remote working if someone catches the virus and causes isolation within the team.

Look at the workplace setup for employees COVID-19 return

Now is the time to rethink the physical setup of your workplace. Most workplaces aren’t Covid-19 friendly because the workstations aren’t two meters apart or the tasks require people to be in close contact.

Thus, it is essential for any business reopening to closely look at their hygiene and if they’re able to change the setup of the working environment to meet the social distancing guidelines that are in place.

Maintain regular communication

The COVID-19 situation has forced organizations to step up their game when it comes to communication. Many businesses have communicated with their staff more in the last few months than they normally do in normal conditions.

The value of communication throughout this time is certainly a top priority. When it comes to returning to the workplace, it’s definitely not the time to relax.

Communication is the key to identifying and rectifying any potential issues. It’s also the best way to make sure you are caring for your employees, keeping up their morale, and making them feel at ease through these uncertain times.

Let’s talk employees COVID-19 return

Is your business reopening? How have you dealt with the change to remote working? Please share your tips and advice in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Preparing your workplace for employees COVID-19 return”

  1. I am perfectly happy to continue to work from home indefinitely, but I want to see my family. We are going to have to make some decisions about how we are going to school the boys over our winters months too.

  2. This is a harsh time and reality. I wish all the best!
    Unfortunately, I see far too many who for one reason or another, don’t seem to care/take it seriously!
    Our infection numbers are going up again, here.

  3. Good post Christy..
    I’ve been back at work 4wks after 4wks furloughed & we’re doing a phased return for the rest of the workers. There are 2mtr markings in the tea room & around the factory. There are auto hand sanitizer units put up ( note to self,not to put them too near a door entrance when the sun is bright,they don’t work) . A meeting is going to be held on Tuesday when all workers are back & will be told to wash hands & use the sanitizer or face the sack. Gloves & masks to be worn all day too.
    What more can we do to protect everyone?

  4. Lets hope in ture there will be a mix of working in home office and back in real. There are so many benefits from working at home, but only if its a corporate thing. Thank you for another great article Christy! Be well and stay save. Michael

  5. Christy, it took patience and resilience to adjust to working from home and the same and more will be needed to return to work, with a willingness to embrace change.

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