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Encouraging a growth mindset in kids: Why and how to do so

Growth mindset in kids

A growth mindset is a mentality where someone understands that their intelligence and abilities go far beyond what they are born with. Encouraging kids to enter this mindset can benefit them in a number of ways. A growth mindset in kids helps them to become more positive, self-aware, confident, and resilient.

Given the unprecedented situation we are facing, it is clearer than ever why it is imperative to help prepare kids for challenges. A growth mindset can help kids manage anxiety and feel more confident when facing difficult problems. With the right tools, it is possible to help kids grow during a crisis and be even more prepared to face the next challenge.

This piece will go into more detail about the benefits of a growth mindset for kids and offers advice for encouraging a growth mindset. You will also find three printable growth mindset activities that can be used for helping kids develop a growth mindset.

What are the benefits of a growth mindset in kids?

As mentioned above, a growth mindset is a mentality. In a growth mindset, individuals are able to recognize the importance of hard work and perseverance.

This realization is particularly important for personal growth and academic success. When they believe that hard work and practice is what makes them smarter and leads to success, kids are more likely to be interested in and committed to learning.

A growth mindset in kids has a number of additional benefits. It can help kids:

  • Feel more resilient and able to turn challenges into opportunities to grow
  • Develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Be more productive
  • Feel more enthusiastic about learning
  • Develop independence and stronger sense of self
  • Cope better with transitions
  • Recognize and acknowledge their strengths
  • Set goals and develop plans to achieve them
  • Be more responsible with money and in other areas
  • Have a more positive mindset and outlook

Tips for encouraging a growth mindset in kids

When encouraging a growth mindset it is important to try to remain positive and open. Try to understand what your kids may be thinking and feeling, and of course, always encourage an open dialogue. Developing a growth mindset is a process, and there is no need to rush it.

Here are some additional tips for encouraging a growth mindset in kids:

  • Make it clear why you are doing this and what the benefits are
  • Practice entering a growth mindset yourself to be a great example
  • Encourage creative thinking and problem solving by allowing them to struggle a little bit
  • Applaud effort and progress and try to build on it
  • Encourage feedback and be open to their ideas about moving forward
  • Make practicing enjoyable and help them stick to a routine

Growth mindset activities for youngsters

Utilizing printables is a great way to make developing a growth mindset interesting and enjoyable for kids. Below are the descriptions of three printables from Tommy John.

These printables, each with a unique purpose, can help your kids get excited about this process. All three printables can be downloaded at the end of the post.

1. Emotion grid exercise

Activity for growth mindset in kids

Use this printable to help your kids identify their emotions and understand how different situations make them feel. This exercise can enable kids to develop emotional intelligence.

2. Goal setting worksheet

Goal setting worksheet for kids

This printable is to help kids set goals and develop a plan of action for achieving them! This exercise shows kids that goals are achievable through hard work.

3. Growth mindset conversation cube

Growth mindset for kids worksheet

This printable can be used to help start a conversation and encourage kids to be open with how they are feeling. Additionally, this exercise can help kids develop self-awareness. Helping kids gain a better understanding of themselves can help them make better decisions and grow.

Download all of these printable activities that encourage a growth mindset in kids to benefit the little ones in your life.

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  1. So interesting and very positive! Thank you Julia and Christy.
    I never had kids, so never thought about these kinds of things.

  2. This is a great post. Not always easy to encourage children to try to grow their minds, but we have to keep at it. I have one son who is a great scholar and one who is … less of a scholar. I encourage both to read, go to theatre and learn about as many things in life as possible.

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