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Women’s shoes and posture guide: What’s best?

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The relationship between shoes and posture isn’t one that you might think about. But certain shoes are generally good for posture – and other ones, well, not so much. Let’s look at the choices.

Finding shoes good for your feet and posture

Proper posture is important for everyone, regardless of gender. It increases your confidence and helps you look more attractive than slouching too.

However, footwear can lead to posture-related problems. When your feet start to hurt or the legs become fatigued, you might slouch to prevent more pain. Reviewing important factors about what shoes to wear helps women find better choices for maintaining good back health and posture, as well as being kind to the feet.

High heels aren’t the answer

High heels aren’t the way to great posture. There’s the myth that wearing sky-high heels improves your posture and forces you to stand up straight.

However, the shoes apply a lot of pressure on the ball of the foot and over time, women develop orthopedic issues with the bones and muscles in their feet. Reviewing all the drawbacks of wearing high heels shows women why they need a different choice for improving posture.

The bootie is a great choice for improving the posture without causing discomfort. Women who want to review their options can browse booties from filly flair now.

For high arches

Addressing high arches helps women improve their posture and prevent slumping due to foot pain. If you’re not sure whether your shoes are fitting your high arches right, look to see if there is a gap when trying on footwear. If so, look for a different style.

For women’s shoes and posture, the best kinds for someone with a high arch fill in that gap and support the arch more proactively. Women with higher arches can develop plantar fasciitis since more pressure is on their feet due to their arch.

Managing medium arches

Managing medium arches are considered the most common type of arch for most of the population. It’s easier, therefore, to find stylish and comfortable shoes that improve your posture and won’t cause foot pain.

Having a medium arch allows women to choose from a wider variety of shoes for better posture. Dang, I have high arches!

What to do with low arches

Low arches are essentially flat feet that don’t have much of an arch. Women who want to improve their posture with flat feet will need shoes that are comfortable for the feet and provide the right support.

This lowers the risk of foot pain and unwanted orthopedic issues. Orthopedic shoes can actually help with creating an arch and supporting the foot properly. Without foot pain, women are more likely to stand up straight and maintain better posture.

You can wear stylish shoes, get support, and maintain good posture

Reviewing new footwear options helps women (and men!) find options that are stylish and provide enough support to maintain proper posture. It’s recommended that you choose shoes that have lower heels that are stylish and offer enough cushioning on the inside to address their arch.

Lowering orthopedic issues help women maintain their posture. They can go far toward reducing related problems with the legs and back, especially if you work on your feet all day.

Why is shock absorption important?

Shock absorption is vital for maintaining great posture. When walking on hard flooring, it is necessary to wear shoes that provide shock absorption. The shoes prevent lower back and leg pain caused by walking or standing on the hard flooring for long periods of time.

For example, when I’m at my standing desk on laminate flooring, I typically wear shoes. If I don’t, my thighs and hips sometimes stiffen up after an hour of standing up.

Shoes and posture: How to keep the back aligned properly

Ask your doctor about how best to maintain proper posture, including placement of the shoulders back and the head level. When trying to maintain a healthy posture, it is vital to wear the right shoes for you too.

Finding shoes that are comfortable yet stylish helps women to maintain proper posture without compromising on style. Yes, footwear can look good and be good for the body too!

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