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5 female fashion influencers to follow for style inspo

Fashion influencers to follow

They’re stepping out looking their best in photos across social media and if you want some style inspiration then you’ll want to hit the follow button on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. And TikTok is growing too for female fashion influencers!

Here are 5 ladies who are turning heads.

1. Female fashion influencers include Aneesa Sharif (Facebook)

Fashion influencer Aneesa Sharif
Screenshot from Aneesa Sharif’s Facebook page (02/13/2020).

British Asian model Aneesa Sharif divides her time between Dubai, Pakistan, and London as she works with top designers. She has been on the pages of Vogue, as well as working with leading makeup brands like MAC and Krylon. Her photos in Pakistani dresses are my favorites from her Facebook page.

2. Coco Treyy (Instagram)

She’s known as Coco Treyy and she’s a musician from Ghana but her real name is Tracy Adu Poku and she’s got awesome style. I like that it usually mixes sporty with chic and that she accents her curves rather than trying to hide them.

Plus, her Instagram profile has a good mix of posts to her followers in addition to just advertisements about her music gigs post after post. Click here now to find out more about connecting with social media influencers for successful campaigns.

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3. Cosette Rinab (TikTok): Watch out female fashion influencers

Cosette's TikTok profile
Screenshot of Cosette’s TikTok profile 02/13/2020).

This 20-year-old is dominating TikTok, even though the platform is still quite new. @Cosette has quickly grown to have 1.6 million followers and that number’s growing. From fashion to funny videos, she’s quickly grabbing the attention of brands for sponsored posts and most recently got invited to attend New York Fashion Week with a select group of other TikTok creators.

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4. Jada Hai Phong Nguyen (Instagram)

This Vietnamese Instagram influencer recently came under attack for posting an IG photo of herself in a face mask with her dog that seemed to give the inappropriate message the the Coronavirus is in some way trendy. But Jada Hai Phong Nguyen defends the post, explaining that she wears a mask every time she goes outside and was educating her followers about protecting themselves against the outbreak.

She’s a well-known fashion influencer with classic, feminine style. I hope she joins a growing number of gals who embrace ethical fashion rather than fast fashion as she grows her online career.

5. Yasmine Sabri (Twitter)

Yasmine Sabri on Twitter

Actress Yasmine Sabri is also a model, and you can find her photos on Twitter and other social media platforms. She recently became the first Middle Eastern female to star in high-end jeweler Cartier’s campaign.

In a simple black dress for the campaign (see photo above), she shows you don’t have to reveal your chest to get more attention; that particular post has 6.1K likes to date on Twitter. She has also collaborated with MAC cosmetics and can pull off a red lip better than anyone I’ve seen in a while!

Who are some other great fashion influencers to follow online?

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