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Your swimming checklist: What to take with you

swimming checklist

Making health a priority in the New Year is important for a lot of people, myself included. As for the type of exercises, you could be rocking the elliptical machine at the gym like I did yesterday or you could be heading to the swimming pool instead. Hiking is another option, and there are numerous other activities to take you to a higher fitness level for better health. If it’s a swim that you’re doing today, here’s your swimming checklist to ensure you have everything you need.

Why swimming?

So, what’s so great about getting your swim on? There are many benefits, including:

  • Toning muscles
  • Building endurance
  • Working a range of muscles (upper and lower body)
  • Maintain a healthy heart and lungs
  • Burn calories to help with weight loss

Getting into the water is easy but it does have some requirements. You’ll need shower caps and swimwear, of course, but there are other things too that you might want to consider taking with you.

Here are 10 things to pack before going to the pool or beach:

Your swimming checklist

1. Swimwear

This is the most important thing! It might seem obvious for carrying but some people still forget the most important item.

Swimwear is specially made to protect your body from chemicals in the water. Chlorine is added to the water in pools that can cause itching or skin allergies so wearing a proper swimsuit can prevent discomfort and be a part of maintaining healthy skin.

2. Swim snorkel

A swimmer’s snorkel comes in handy when underwater. You can actually swim faster when using one!

In addition, the snorkel increases your feel for the water, helps you remember to keep your head straight, and can give you a fuller kick too. So, if you don’t already have this piece of equipment, you might want to get one.

3. Towel and robe

Some people get uncomfortable in their swimwear, so it’s nice to have a robe or sarong to put over it. That way you can walk the beach comfortably, or wear the sarong to the swimming pool as an easy coverup.

Dry off after a refreshing dip with a nice fluffy towel. I’m a pink gal so I’d choose a pink one!

4. Swim cap

If you have long hair, a swimming cap is terrific for keeping strands out of your face. Not only will you be able to move then with ease as it’s not moving around your face but it’ll also prevent drag from heavy wet hair as you move.

That’ll result in your body being more aerodynamic; it could improve your lap time. Also, a swim cap protects your tresses, scalp, and ears from harsh chemicals in pool water.

If you’re in open water instead, a swimmer’s cap is also a good idea to wear so you’re easy to spot. That way other swimmers will watch out for you, as will rescue teams (hopefully the latter is not something you’ll ever need!).

Read about an amazing swimmer in history: Gertrude Ederle

5. Goggles

Eyes are sensitive and you don’t want to compromise them as you exercise. Thus, goggles are part of a complete swimming checklist. Wearing them can prevent chlorine and saltwater from getting into the eyes.

As they’re small, easily store them in your backpack. If you’re like me then you’ll want to get prescription ones to see as you would with glasses while doing this exercise.

6. Hygiene products

Hygiene products or toiletries are another important product to take with you. After being at the pool, shower to remove the chlorine from your skin and hair.

Toiletries include shampoo, conditioner, and soap.

7. Poolside shoes or flip flops

Walking barefooted on the poolside isn’t great for a few reasons. Firstly, you could slip and fall on the wet surface, so it’s a safety hazard.

Secondly, there’s no telling who’s walking where you’re stepping – They might have a fungal infection or some other issue. It could spread to you so just put on flip flops so that’s not something you get from them!

8. Hair accessories

An extension of the toiletries section of the swimming checklist is hair stuff. Pack a hairbrush to use after drying your hair or clips to put it up if you’re just leaving the pool or beach with wet hair.

9. Water bottle

Dehydration is a definite health risk if you’re not getting enough water before, during, or after your workout. Therefore, bring a full water bottle with you.

Your body will lose a lot of water as you’re kicking and gliding so be sure to hydrate after you’re done. Also, drink water before starting the aerobic activity.

10. Snacks to re-energize afterward

You’ll likely swim for 30 to 45 minutes to make the outing worth your while. Feeling tired after, reach for a healthy snack to up your energy levels to normal.

Since you burn a lot of calories, you need to compensate for it. Take some snacks with you, such as hummus and veggies or a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

Your swimming checklist timesaver

Congrats on hitting the water for exercise! You may not be a pro at it yet but practice can help you become better at it.

Learn the strokes and proper positioning of the body to move with the best of them! Most of all, enjoy yourself and feel good about getting active.

You’ve got everything you need in a bag and you’re ready for a new day. Save time by going through this checklist before your next trip to the pool or beach.

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