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How to choose swimwear for your body shape

swimwear for your body shape

When it comes to finding the ideal swimwear for your body shape, it’s tricky if you’re not sure what style is best or where to find quality options. You can either head to the shops in person or look at all the possible options for swimwear online. Picking the perfect swimsuit is about balancing your body type with the right design, color, and patterns.

This post will cover the essentials to help you choose the right swimsuit for your body, ladies.

1. Know your body type first

When it comes to styling your shape, of course, you have to know what it is first. That makes sense, right?!

The main body types include:

  1. Oval
  2. Hourglass
  3. Inverted Triangle
  4. Pear
  5. Circle

Human bodies are versatile and have unlimited shape possibilities, so the above list includes just some of the common body types. Swimsuit sizes have their basis in waist, torso, hips, and bust measurements.

2. Swimwear for your body shape: Choose the right cut

The wrong swimwear cut will make you uncomfortable with the way you will look in it, just as it would for any other clothing choice. Not to mention that you won’t look at your best either.

Wearing the wrong cut for your body could result in bunching in all the wrong places, pulling at the straps, or even sagging in certain areas.

Some popular cuts for bikinis are:

  • Bandeau Tops
  • One-shoulder Top
  • Sport top
  • Longline Bikini Top
  • Bandeau Top
  • Moderate Bottom
  • High-waist Bottom
  • Hipster Bottom

And, of course, there is the one-piece swimsuit that is available in a range of styles to suit a range of bodies, from plus size to petite.

All these pieces are fashionable and flattering in their own way. For example, a bandeau gives you no tan lines.

Meanwhile, a banded halter top offers discreet support while flattering the bust. And if you want a blousy option then there’s the Blouson tankini top.

Just like Blouson, chevron also brings a slimming effect to your tummy because of its V-shaped pattern.  And, of course, there are cover-ups to go over the suit, including sarongs and wrap dresses.

You can even pull down an infinity dress and wear it as a skirt over the swimsuit.

If you are looking for swimwear for competitive diving or another water sport, then look at athletics stores as they offer ones with narrow-set straps and other features to suit the activity.

3. Design and pattern

Designs and patterns change over time as new trends come and go in the fashion industry. Some of the motifs never go out of style, though.

Among the favorites when it comes to swimsuits are:

  • Cheetah print
  • Lines (vertical and horizontal)
  • Polka dots
  • Botanical prints

Every design brings out a different feel to every body type. For example, a cheetah motif top with solid bottoms forms a two-piece that balances out a big bottom.

For busy prints, in general, they suit smaller frames. And smaller prints are ideal for petite gals.

Of course, it takes trying on to find the one you like best, from how it looks to how it feels on you. There are hundreds of designs available when it comes to swimsuits.

Swimsuits designs have to be engineered very carefully as there is little fabric for the print and emboss process. Companies use adaptable designs for all body shapes.

There are options to pair up your swimsuit with accessories too, such as hair ties to match the suit and complement your hair color.

Swimsuits with a little embellishment, such as lace, are a trendy look, as are crisscrossed front tie and back tie. For 2020, watch for one-strap suits to increase in popularity.

4. Fabric selection

Every fabric has its own flow and silhouette. Comfort is essential when it comes to fabric.

Most swimwear is polyester or nylon blends; these two types are comfortable and stretchable. Nylon is quite durable and dries quickly.

Competitive swimwear typically uses polyester blends that have a large amount of spandex. They are durable, stretch well, and dry quickly like nylon.

What makes polyester more favorable than nylon is its UV and chlorine resistant quality. It also is soft, breathable, and holds its shape well.

What differentiates swimwear from underwear is the weight of the fabric. Most swimwear fabric is around 1800-200g per square meter.

Today eco-friendly fabrics are ones designers are choosing for swimwear. There are even sustainable suits made of recycled materials.

These options are important for customers who are becoming more mindful of choosing items that won’t harm the environment, from household supplies to clothing.

If you are looking for more types of fabrics, here are some:

  • Velvet
  • Ribbed
  • Neoprene
  • Corduroy
  • Cotton
  • Jeans

Yes, denim bathing suits are a thing! When it comes to cotton, though, be aware that it’s not very durable. Saltwater, for example, can tear cotton garments if already damaged.

4. Pick the best color too

Generally, dark colors are a good option if you are not sure which color to buy for yourself, whether that’s for what to wear in the water or how to dress for dinner. Dark colors, such as deep blue or red, are classic.

The deep hues provide a nice contrast if you have pale skin. It usually makes sense to select the color for a swimsuit or any other garment based on which shade highlights your skin color.

If you have dark skin, complement it with a white or yellow bikini or one-piece. The brightness will look great against your dark tone.

Of course, I’m going to trump that advice by saying where what you like when it comes to color! I love pink so I’d go for a hot pink bikini, regardless of whether it goes with my pale skin.

Last words on choosing swimwear for your body shape

One of the most important thing is to carry a swimsuit that looks amazing is confidence. If you feel great, you look glowing! Whatever body type you may be, just be yourself in whatever you wear.

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