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9 of the most amazing women in marketing

women in marketing

The marketing industry is difficult to traverse, especially for women. However, countless women have defied the odds to become influencers and industry leaders. Their ability to innovate and lead in digital marketing and online marketing is putting them on the map. Here are 9 women in marketing who are making great strides in the industry. Thanks to Emily for this terrific guest post!

1. Mari Smith

Photo via Mari Smith, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr.

Mari Smith is a global leader in social media marketing. Her work as a Facebook marketing expert has received recognition from popular media outlets. Her commendable work gave birth to the name “Queen of Facebook.” Recently, Forbes named her among the top social media influencers.

Apart from being a social media expert and consultant, she is an author and a famous keynote speaker. Her experience in the marketing field is extensive. Mari began her career with relationship marketing before launching into Facebook marketing. She currently offers in-depth training on social media marketing to entrepreneurs and corporations.

2. Melanie Deziel

Melanie Deziel, shown in the above video, is a brand storytelling expert who has worked with various companies to launch their brand storytelling strategy. Her work in native advertising and training entrepreneurs and marketers is commendable. She also recently made Top Rank’s top 50 influential women in the content marketing list.

Apart from running her company, she has worked with top corporations and has over 30 podcasts. Melanie is also a famous keynote speaker who jet sets around the globe, training marketers and facilitating workshops.

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3. Purna Virji

Photo by Mark Hakansson, CC BY-ND 2.0, via Flickr.

Purna Virji is a highly recognizable person in the digital marketing world. Her expertise in SEM and SEO has placed her among the influential women globally.

Currently, she is a senior manager of PPT Training at Microsoft. In addition, she gives speeches at conferences around the world.

Being an SEO expert, Purna has become one of the most influential people in voice search and search engine marketing. She has received numerous recognitions, with PPC Hero naming her as a prominent expert in 2016.

4. Ann Handley

Photo via TopRank Marketing, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr.

She is a famous digital strategist who has received recognition as one of the most influential female marketers on social media. As a chief content officer, she provides resources to help digital marketers excel in their trade.

Ann Handley is also an author, and her books offer innovative strategies to excel in marketing. She has written a few best-sellers. If being an author and a digital marketing strategist does not put her on the map, being an entrepreneur does. She runs a marketing training company and a marketing news site.

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5. Sonia Simone

Sonia Simone is famous for being a co-founder of Copyblogger Media, which is a content marketing giant. She is an SEO expert whose content has contributed to the success of various businesses.

Her passion for marketing comes from an extensive background in building small businesses and consulting with multiple corporations. Sonia promotes advancement in digital marketing by coming up with unique ideas on how to excel in the field. She influences her followers through compelling content and videos.

6. Women in marketing: Nisha Chittal

With significant expertise in digital marketing and online marketing, Nisha Chittal has made her mark building a customer base for large companies.

Known for keeping up with social media news, she even was a part of MSNBC. See the video above for a great example of her work.

She has worked for various news organizations as a social media strategist and is currently an engagement editor. As a content writer, her work has featured in popular blogs and news outlets.

7. Rhea Drysdale

Photo via Michael Dorausch, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr.

Rhea Drysdale is a famous entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and marketer. She is an expert in search engine optimization (SEO) with unique marketing tactics. Many digital marketers appreciate her keynotes at conferences. She has impressive experience in digital marketing and used to be a columnist for popular journals.

Rhea used to write for Search Engine Journal, which is a leader in SEO dialogue. In addition to being one of the top women in marketing, she also serves on the board of Vanderheyden Hall, a family, youth, and individual service agency in NY state.

8. Molly Pittman is among the top women in marketing

Molly Pittman is well known for her work in paid traffic. As an industry expert in traffic, she has trained thousands of marketers. Her contributions to customer acquisitions have helped build several companies.

Molly is a mentor who helps young marketers to achieve and make a mark in paid traffic. She has featured and hosted several podcasts to help up-and-coming marketers.

The video above is a great one to watch. Today she is a successful entrepreneur of Molly Pittman Digital, where she helps you get your message or brand out to the online world.

9. Talia Wolf

[Webinar] How to Increase Conversion Using Emotional Triggers from Unbounce on Vimeo.

Talia Wolf is an entrepreneur and a marketing consultant who uses consumer behavior to generate traffic for companies. She has honed the skill of using emotions to generate leads and revenue. Talia is the top female marketer and expert in conversion rate optimization.

As a recognizable person in digital marketing, she keynotes in various events. Talia is also a mentor and has trained many entrepreneurs on how to leverage persuasive design for successful marketing.

Final thoughts on women in marketing

Many women are breaking the ceiling in digital marketing and becoming leaders in the male-dominated industry. The contribution of women to marketing is transforming businesses and increasing revenue.

Furthermore, most of the successful women are mentoring young marketers and building them up into successful leaders. Therefore, we look forward to more women joining the big leagues in the marketing industry.

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