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3 glorious benefits of faith and spirituality

Faith and spirituality

This post is one of the few religious ones here. Whether you believe in God or not, all I ask is that you be respectful in any discussions in the comments section. Thank you in advance for respecting others’ beliefs relating to faith and spirituality.

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On humans and creation

Human beings don’t really create things but instead rearrange them. Humans change the form of what things are. For example, they take a lump of clay and turn it into a statue.

Creating is what the divine power can do, which is to bring something that doesn’t exist into something that does exist. It’s to give it not just what it is but to give it that it is. When a person believes and acknowledges that, three benefits follow from it. They are:

1. Leads to an acknowledgment of divine Majesty

The Creator is by definition outside of all created categories and, therefore, cannot be known in and of himself by human intellect. The only way to really know God from creation is through the things that He has made.

Thus, if you look at the different power and effects of created things, you can reason by a kind of analogical leap to the Divine Majesty’s wonderful right. According to The Way International, all of the created things are meant to point to the infinite majesty of the Creator.

2. Faith and spirituality leads you to give thanks

There’s an intuition in the human heart when you recognize the beauty of creation. These things are given to humans for free, not because they don’t have to be. None of them explain their own existence.

A sort of spontaneously happens to people, as rational beings, which is they want to say “Thank you.” This is a natural virtue.

By living in the points where beauty, faith, truth, and goodness join, you can truly begin to appreciate the world of God. Enrich your understanding of Scriptures with the CSB She Reads Truth Bible that features colorful maps and charts, wide margins for taking notes, and more, all for a deeper understanding of women’s place on the Earth right now.

It doesn’t take some kind of a lightning bolt from heaven to make you say thank you to God. It’s kind of a natural response of a rational creature like a human being.

A great example is Dorothy Day, the 20th-century atheist turned believer. When she held her newborn daughter in her arms, she said she felt a sense of gratitude so great that she knew nothing in creation was capable of receiving such gratitude.

That was a key moment for her to make her believe in the Creator. So, the second benefit of belief in the Creator leads people to gratitude.

3. Patience in difficulty

Many people are well aware of what is the problem of evil. Of all the beauty of creation and all the thanks you give for the good things in creation, bad things continue to happen along with the good things in creation. Because God is the source of all existence to Him, people give thanks to Him because He is also governing all creation for his ineffably good ends.

If you are guilty of doing the bad things or it’s your own sin, then recognizing that divine providence or God’s intervention is at work helps set you free from that guilt thing. For example, if someone drinks too much and has a hangover the next day, was God punishing him?

Well, no, not directly. But there’s like a natural evil, so recognizing that God is at work even in that causal chain helps you be patient.

The takeaway on faith and spirituality

Believing in faith and recognizing the power of spirituality is the first step towards a fulfilling life. It is all part of the benefits of strong faith and spirituality.

Growing one’s faith and spirituality begins by familiarizing the scriptures and adopting a discipline of daily prayers. Therefore, one should make it a habit to read the Bible every day. The Bible can sometimes be hard to read, but there are now versions that are easy and enjoyable to read, even for young children. Follow your Bible reading session by reflecting on what you’ve read and saying prayers. This simple routine can work wonders on your faith and spirituality and help bring peace to your mind and emotions.

22 thoughts on “3 glorious benefits of faith and spirituality”

  1. Man-made things can be beautiful, but there is nothing quite as glorious as those found in nature. We are all spiritual beings sharing this planet on a temporary basis with others. I do believe that our souls transcend the death of our bodies. This was beautifully written.

  2. Just beautiful, Christy! There have been circumstances and incidents in my life where I feel that without my faith, I would not have survived. It is such a comfort and a blessing, that allows us to cope in dark times. I wish this joy and peace for you and your entire audience.

    1. Amy, your comment is so touching, thank you for it. Blessings to you and family! I agree that faith keeps me moving forward with a feeling of direction xx

  3. I love this! It’s so true. I know that for me, my faith has played such an important role in lifting my spirits, giving me hope, strength and courage and allowing me to heal and know love… I could go on…but I love how you break it down into such practical benefits! Even though we will never know for sure – that’s what faith is – we know the benefits of living a faith-based life are 100% tangible and real. Thankful I found your beautiful blog celebrating so much that matters!

    1. Oh KJ, your comment lights up my evening and thank you for it. Faith can take us far and being able to look at the benefits helps us keep it strong in us xx Blessings to you

    1. Oh dear Inese, I am well thank you, getting married next month and feeling so blessed. As you say, gratitude is so powerful. I hope you’re well too!

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