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The unexpected relationship between hiking and workplace productivity

Workplace productivity and hiking

If you want to boost your workplace productivity, hiking might not be the first thing that comes to mind to do that. But you might be rethinking this whole relationship after reading the following guest post from Tim Fox.

Whether this is a solo hike close to home, part of your trip abroad with loved ones, or a women’s group adventure, hiking certainly work in your favor! The moments with nature can boost your memory, sharpen your concentration, and improve your team skills. Let’s talk everything relating to hiking for productivity.

Firstly, is hiking only for certain body types?

There is a popular assumption that hiking is only for men and women who are slim and athletic. However, this is an entirely baseless myth.

Several healthy and plus-sized individuals have participated in hiking trips and enjoyed themselves during the tour. All they needed to conquer the climb was the right hiking gear for the job. For instance, some plus-sized women hiked along the trails of the Kilimanjaro mountains. To help go further on trails, the best hydration bladder could help.

Reduces your stress levels

One of the biggest benefits of hiking is that it significantly lowers stress. Simply strolling around and observing the natural setting can immediately do the job.

Researchers in Japan are already familiar with this relationship, recommending Shinrin Yoku or forest bathing amid nature to improve your mood. And over on the Harvard front, there’s discussion of hiking in a natural setting for restorative benefits, not to mention increasing cardiovascular fitness.

Imagine having less stress… and now see the result, which includes a jump in personal workplace productivity. That makes sense given that you will feel refreshed for your workday.

Boosts bonding

Hiking for workplace productivity goes hand-in-hand with better and stronger bonds with your co-workers and friends. When you hike in the wilderness with your colleagues, you get to bond with them and learn things that you didn’t know otherwise.

Not only will you enjoy your time with them, but you’ll also inadvertently create a stronger team driven by team spirit. By the time you’re back in the office, you’ll have the motivation to work together and do so better than before. Since you’re also aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your colleagues by this point, you can utilize your individual and collective skills more effectively too.

Enjoy the journey

Hiking is a unique outdoor sport that lets you value the journey even before you reach your destination. Other regular sports, on the other hand, put more focus towards the results.

Such is not the case with hiking. Here, all that matters is your zeal and passion to keep traveling.

But how does this help boost your workplace productivity, exactly? Well, the idea lies in the concept of enjoying the adventure. You can use the same concept in your career as well. While working on a new project, for example, don’t just have tunnel vision on your deadline; find meaning in the steps to get there too.

Then, when the project finishes, think about the small advancements taken to reach the big goal. Be retrospective, asking yourself what you learned from these steps.

The objective of this mental exercise is to gain clearer insight. You will have comprehensive involvement in your goal, whether it’s a management project or something else.

Also, take what you learn to apply to every subsequent process or if the same scenario comes up again on the job. That can bolster your workplace productivity as an entrepeneur on the grow.

Ensures overall wellbeing

As per a 2011 study conducted by the Foundation for Chronic Disease Prevention in the Workplace, almost 752 UK and US-based employees witnessed big emotional and psychological benefits post their hiking sessions. These individuals participated in a program whereby they walked 10,000 steps every day. And walking worked in their favor.

As per the reports, individuals participating in the test enjoyed higher amounts of concentration, more self-esteem, better confidence, and a significantly lower stress level. Their overall sense of well-being interlinked with better workplace productivity.

Helps you prioritize on the job

Yet another benefit of hiking for workplace productivity is that it helps you prioritize things. When you prepare for a hike, you pack the essential things in your back.

This point is especially relevant when the trail is lengthy and you have to carry the entire pack all along. At this stage, you’ll probably avoid carrying any extra load since it’ll only bog you down.

Both women and men hiking can follow this pattern in their regular lives. Very often, we are professionally bogged down because we take on too many unnecessary things. But when you learn to prioritize, as with hiking, you end up focusing on only the things you absolutely need.

Hiking improves your attention span

When it comes to hiking trips, I suggest that you spend some time alone in nature. Doing so is relevant even when traveling in a group. Spending time away from the chaotic urban environment can help to improve your attention span and sharpen your memory, which is a great thing when you’re back at the office.

The bottom line on hiking and workplace productivity

Now that you are familiar with the benefits, what are you waiting for? Get your backpack ready and head out for a tour like you always wanted. By the time you’re back, you’ll likely be significantly more relaxed and stress-free at work and in your free time too.

About today’s writer

Tim Fox is co-founder and writer at Outdoor with junkies, a blog where he shares his love for outdoor activity and provides review and information to help outdoor enthusiasts with their choices. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook.

14 thoughts on “The unexpected relationship between hiking and workplace productivity”

  1. Totally agree! I love listening to podcasts while on hikes, I think better in nature. Sometimes I take conference calls by the river too! Helps me think more creatively :)

  2. I used to work in the Financial District of SF and my go too productivity enhancement, or at least in my mind, was taking my daily lunch walk. I cant tell you how more productive I felt compared too the office cats who just ate at their desk. Keep walking !


  3. I love hiking, Christy! My family has always made trips to the mountains, and we do so enjoy getting “lost ” in the woods for an hour or three. Peace like that is hard to come by in our suburban lives.

  4. petespringerauthor

    I used to walk with a teacher friend at lunch time. We got some exercise and shared a couple of laughs. Both of those things relieve stress (not to mention building camaraderie).

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