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Hot weather advice to stay healthy and comfortable

Hot weather advice

When the temperatures soar, the only thing you want to do is enjoy the hot weather. Having fun in the sun shouldn’t be your only focus, though. You’ll also want to protect your skin from strong UV rays. Being comfortable and healthy on many different levels when hot weather strikes is important too — failing to do so could bring a bunch of nasty repercussions.

Whether you’re now seeing the last dregs of summer or whether your summer is still yet to begin, it’s important that you know how to deal with hot weather so that you are prepared for it when it strikes. For advice on staying comfortable, healthy, and cool when the temperatures soar, read on.

Invest in air con

If you live in a country where the temperatures are prone to becoming exceedingly hot, especially, you need to invest in a quality air conditioning device. By purchasing this type of HVAC equipment, you will be able to keep your home cool and regulate the airflow within it, no matter how hot or stuffy it is outside.

When you decide that air con is a good investment, it’s key to explore your options before diving into the purchase. Action Furnace, who are professional air conditioners Calgary and can be found at, state that some A/C units are cheaper to run, better for the environment, and more reliable than others.

Thus, if you want to invest in equipment of the highest possible, look into the models available before making any commitments. Doing your research now can help prevent buyer’s remorse later, not to mention having a unit in the house that’s not working properly.

More hot weather advice: Drink plenty of water

To stay comfortable and healthy during periods of particularly hot weather, you need to remain hydrated. Drinking plenty of water will help you maintain a healthy body temperature no matter how high the temperatures get.

That’s because water helps the body to carry heat away from internal organs, and it will counteract the loss of body water that takes place when sweating. But how much water should you be drinking during hot weather?

First, calculate how much water you to ideally consume on days where the temperature is nothing out of the ordinary. To work this out, you should:

  • Divide your weight (in lbs) by 2.2
  • Take that number and multiply it by your age
  • Divide that number by 28.3

This sum total is how many water (in ounces) to consume daily. Divide it by eight to figure out how many cups of water you should be drinking.

Next, calculate how much to drink on particularly hot days. This step is easier to calculate than the first one.

Aim to drink 1-2 cups more than usual, as this will see you compensate for the water that you sweat out of your body.

If you’re pregnant, try these stay cool tips to beat the heat.

Be careful about what you eat

Come rain or shine, your body needs food. No matter how high the temperatures get, then, you cannot get away with not eating.

You might want to consider adjusting your diet a little bit too when the weather is hot, however, as this will help you to remain comfortable and healthy regardless of how much the sun shines or how high the mercury rises.

Foods that are great to eat on hot sunny days include:

I’d love to know how else you stay healthy – Do you have other hot weather advice? If so, leave a comment about it below!

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