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4 essential tips to nail the job interview

nail the job interview

Job interviews are the make or break of your career. It’s something you need to get right, but can be tricky, especially if you’re going up against a lot of other talented people. But by following the 4 tips below, you’ll have everything you need to prove to the interviewer that you’re the best candidate and can nail the job interview.

Look the part

It takes only 4 seconds for your interviewer to decide what kind of person you are, and whether you are trustworthy enough for the available position. This statistic illustrates just how much the first impression matters.

It’s clear that looking the part can give you a huge boost in your interview. Looking professional and put-together also helps boost your confidence that day.

A smile can go a long way too in helping you nail the job interview coming up. People don’t want to work with a robot; showing you’re friendly will help you make a good impression.

Dressing smart is important too. It shows the hiring manager that you take the job application process seriously. Invest in a statement dress or suit, as well as jewelry from, to look sophisticated and be taken seriously.

If you’re not sure exactly what to wear for clothese or accessories, wear an outfit that’s similar to what you would wear if hired. If you look like you belong in the particular workplace then it’s easy for the supervisor to imagine bringing you into the organization.

Do your research to nail the job interview

It sounds simple, but knowing exactly what you’re applying for is something many people tend to miss. Of course, most people understand the role they’re applying for… But do you have a good knowledge of the company you’re hoping to work for?

For example, do you know how the company started? It’s important to know as much as possible, and doing so will not only give you an advantage over the others but will also show you as someone dedicated and passionate about your work.

Here are a few ways to start the research:

  1. Head to the company website
  2. Look for mention of the organization’s values and think about how you can fit into them
  3. If there is a Press page, check out the latest updates

You might also start to prepare for skill and cognitive ability tests, such as the Wonderlic Test. Also, get some info about the company from their social media accounts, such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

Plan ahead

Some questionstend to come up in every job interview. Here are a few that you can probably count on to be asked on the day:

  • Why do you want this job?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Planning your answers beforehand means you’re less likely to feel the heat in the moment. You’ll also appear confident in yourself and your work during the conversation.

Most likely, interviewers will ask about your “strengths” or “skills” – if so, don’t just say that you’re a good leader, or you are a good communicator – give them examples to prove it. Explain why you think you have that specific skill, and then state something you’ve done in the past that will show them you’re capable. Don’t leave it up to their imagination!

To nail the job interview, be yourself

It might sound cheesy, but being yourself is possibly the most important thing on this list. At the end of the day, if you’re uncomfortable, it comes across strongly, and your interviewer may think twice about whether you’re suitable to the work ahead.

Lastly, don’t tell a lie. At some point, the lie will be uncovered, whether you make a mistake or they do some background checks, and this reveal will ruin your chances of getting the posting.

Stick to what you know and show off the excellence that you have, not the excellence you wish you had. After all, it’s a solid resume that likely got you this interview in the first place, so you have the credentials. Now is the time to speak up about them to the interviewer.

It’s no easy task, but with proper preparation, you’ll be sure to nail the job interview. Good luck!

What are some other ways to ace the interview?

12 thoughts on “4 essential tips to nail the job interview”

  1. Hi Christy…

    Great advise as always in todays world jobs are not as easily come by as they used to be. Best be prepared for anything… I smile thinking of one job interview where I was placed in a chair and I had 17 Board Members grill me for close to an hour. Even though I landed the job that sort of scenario still chills me to the bone.
    Being retired I have been afforded many opportunities during my working years… happy to say I am glad to be where I am today.

    Hugs as always

    1. Oh my, 17 interviewers is A LOT! The most I’ve had is 3 interviewers for the panel. And you got the job, wow, that says a lot about you – in a good way, Rolly! I would have been sweating for sure in the hot seat like that. Hugs

  2. Another question you might be asked (that isn’t covered either above or in the link) is “do you work well in a team?”. Hint – the answer to this question is not ‘No’, even if to say otherwise is in theory a lie!!! Whatever your preference, you need to say something like “Although I am able to work well independently, in any company I would always value being part of a team. A team is a valuable collection of different people each with a unique set of strengths and weaknesses, and a team will be at its strongest if it utilises the strengths of its individuals and helps them with their weaker skills.” I can’t believe I just made that up before 9am on a weekend :-)

    Also, something missed in the ‘plan ahead’ section is as follows – make sure you know where the building is that you have to go for the interview, how to get there, and how long it will take you to get there with AT LEAST a quarter of an hour to spare without you getting all hot and flustered.

    1. Andrea, these are great additions to the post, and thank you for adding them here (all before 9am on a weekend, wow!). If asked a question that’s not one of your strong points, then yes absolutely put a positive spin on it. Being a team player is totally a buzzword so you’re correct that it’ll probably be one of the questions asked.

  3. Other tips that come to my mind:
    1. Read the description for the job again before your interview, so that you remind yourself of what the company is looking for.
    2. Bring copies of your resume. Sometimes the interviewer will want to ask for that.
    3. Do whatever you can to make sure you’re relaxed for the interview. There was one time I couldn’t do that because it was a period of huge transition in my life, and of course I didn’t get the job.

    1. Excellent tips, Brendan! You’re right that printouts of the resume are great to have on hand to give out if requested. And I would likely have been the same in your situation with feeling anxious. I hope you’re feeling more settled now.

    2. Yep, printouts are definitely important! They’re underrated. Thankfully I am more settled now, but I definitely learned a ton about how important it is to have a good mindset heading into the interview.

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