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What self-care while pregnant looks like

practice self-care while pregnant

While many pregnancy articles focus on how to prepare for baby, this one is geared toward the mommy. By practicing self-care while pregnant, you can feel healthier and more content while expecting – and that’s an amazing way to bring a child into this world!

Plus, maintaining a healthy pregnancy provides the best environment for the fetus to grow and can lower the risks of birth defects. By focusing on health and safety now, you are creating a wonderful future for you and child.

4 essentials for self-care while pregnant

Below are 4 musts for an expectant mom:

1. Exercise regularly*

*Only do so with doctor’s approval beforehand!

Fitness is someone that many women overlook while carrying a child. A recent U.S. study found that 1 in 4 prego women don’t workout enough.

As for what’s “enough,” the American Congress of Obsteticians and Gynecologists recommends females with straightforward pregnancies get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day. In this particular study, only 23% of the 1,280 pregnant women were meeting that guideline.

Obviously, only exercise in moderate weather, not when it’s hot and humid. Also pass when you have a fever.

As for why many doctors suggest ladies stay active during pregnancy, there are several benefits, including:

  • Mom sleeps better
  • Avoid excess weight gain
  • Maintain strength and endurance
  • Lowers back pain and bloating

Now you see why self-care while pregnant includes exercise!

2. Pelvic floor physiotherapy

Among the ways to stay strong and flexible while expecting is doing physiotherapy. It’s generally a safe environment when you choose a respectable physiotherapist.

And here’s another reason to also attend. Most women who have given birth or about to give birth will experience back pain and pelvic floor pain when they cough or sneeze during their normal routine. To curtail this problem, women can get pelvic floor physio to get rid of such pains fast.

Even if you have a great workout routine, still you might experience lower back pains. So pelvic floor physiotherapy might be helpful for you from the second trimester onward.

3. Stay hydrated

About half of the human body comprises of water. Moreover, when a woman has another body inside her, the soon-to-be bundle of joy is taking a significant portion of the resources.

Typically, a pregnant woman needs 2.3 liters or 10 cups of fluid each and every day. Thankfully that’s including juices and milk that you drink. Herbal tea and soup also count toward the daily water quotient.

Drinking adequate amounts of water doesn’t just keep a person fit but also helps the body to fight many diseases, which is why it’s part of this self-care while pregnant checklist.

It’s important for baby too! Stay hydrated with enough water so that toxins flush out of your body and baby’s too, as well as to help carry nutrients, ease indigestion, and more.

Lastly, pregnancy helps to reduce uncomfortable symptoms many pregnant ladies feel, such as constipation and swelling.

4. Get plenty of sleep

Easier said than done? Yes, likely.

As the mother-to-be’s body changes and pregnancy comes with its share of emotions, you might find it hard to get to sleep and stay asleep. But it’s important to make the effort to do so.

Not getting an adequate sleep can lead to feelings of exhaustion. While you may have been getting by on only a few hours a night before getting pregnant, remember you’re sleeping for both you and baby now.

Live Science recommends spending 8 hours in bed nightly, with the goal being to sleep at least 7 of those hours. You might try napping too, provided it doesn’t get in the way of sleep at night.

Conclusions about self-care while pregnant

The list of important things can go on and on. But these 4 things are must-do’s for a mom-to-be to feel and be at her best. What matter is how comfortable a woman is in her skin and that’s what those items intend to do.

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