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When a Blog Crashes

So it seems my blog wasn’t feeling very good today! It went Kaboom as I was doing edits in the WP dashboard. Aiiii!

Turns out the newspaper theme I was using got pulled because of a vulnerability within it. So then I had a 500 Internal Error on my site. Yup there was about half an hour without an active URL here.

I chose a new theme, created a new logo to fit the header, redid Google Ads… and what a day it was! All that and also meeting a potential photographer for our wedding. Yup, that’s it ;)

But you know what, I got a lot done! I learned some code and had a very helpful WordPress Support chat. Plus, I saw my mom. And my fiancé made a darned good chicken stir fry. So in the end I’m thankful for what went right.

Right now I’m relaxing on the couch in my PJs. And our cat Layla is relaxing too!

How was your day? Have you ever had an unexpected blog error?

87 thoughts on “When a Blog Crashes”

  1. Wow Christy!

    I can’t imagine coping with such an event well as you

    With my anxiety levels that would’ve just freaked me right out.

    (I got upset enough when wordpress removed the proofreader icon from the post edit bar.)

    1. Change can be scary, especially when it’s on a big scale like that! At least it’s these things that make us stronger… Thanks Ken :)

  2. Glad you could solve the issue (and even got tasty dinner served 😉). I left you a note on Twitter. I’ll make sure to let you know if I feel there is an anomaly… at least to the eye, as it seems it was the case when I read the post you mention … your cat is gorgeous BTW 😘

    1. Thank you so much for being on the lookout for me if you see anything odd, that’s wonderful! I saw your Twitter note a few minutes ago and replied. You’re the best! I hope you have a wonderful Friday!! :D Awww Layla, she’s so sweet. She loves to cuddle. One day you’ll meet her!

    2. Thank you for the lovely note. I am glad to help, at least in some way. ♥️
      Layla, I bet my cat Charlotte and her along. They both have that ‘diva cat attitude’ 😆 🐈 Hope you are having a great Saturday, Chris. 😘👍

    3. Haha diva cat yes! Layla won’t touch her water bowl if it’s on the ground, she likes it elevated, seriously! :) Charlotte and Layla, best gals!! xo

    4. That’s a diva cat… comfirmed (***rasing water bowl up to her level! 😅😋) … they would be best friends, for sure. ♥️ many hugs, Chris 😘

  3. Omg, I feel for you. I had the old crash over a year ago when plugins didn’t play nice. Glad to hear your onto the lemonade now. :) x

    1. Plenty of lemons to go around this week ;) I’ll churn out the lemonade and make a big “cheers”! I remember when you had that crash, Debby. Oh the techie days as a blogger, who knew?! xo

    2. Yup, think I’m over the toughest parts now, Debby. So many design decisions and I even learned a bit of code for the backend. All in all a reminder that we have to be techies as well as writers! Hugs xo

  4. Yikes, what a hassle. Sounds like it’s kept you very busy, and it’s good when a nightmare like that turns into a bit of a learning curve. I’ve found the same when I’ve had hassles with my blog. I really like the new theme you’ve got here, looks really neat & the logo is cute! :)
    Caz xx

    1. A total learning experience, for sure. Thanks Caz. I’m still not totally happy with the layout but it’s nice to hear you like the new logo!! xo

    1. Aw, I have my moments Natalie ;) Sometimes there’s some shade over the sun! But I’m trying… Lovin’ the fonts and designs I’m seeing at your blog!

  5. I’ve been lucky enough not to experience a blog error. (touching wood right now) But your experience sounds awful. Glad you and your cat ended the day well… Especially the cat. Lol.

    1. Oh that’s great that you’ve had smooth times with blogging behind the scenes, Kev. It’s been a real learning experience. I even know a bit of code now! Haha the cat ;)

    1. Yes, I back up regularly, Sue. I’m glad to hear you do too. I do it quite a few times as I publish a lot. It has sure been a techie kind of week! xo

  6. Wow! That is an event that will hopefully never happen on my blog. It would seem that you got it up and functional in good time and had a restful and good evening.

    1. Your site looks so professional, Peggy. You ought to be proud of it! Thanks, I’m hoping to catch a few more zzz’s this weekend :) Have a nice Friday x

  7. Glad to see you up and running again! Are you going to have “likes” on this new theme?

    I knew my old theme was on its last legs. Someone wrote about themes ending/being unsupported and to check on that. I checked, and it was being discontinued. I switched themes immediately!

    1. Oh wow you would have been in the same boat if that person hadn’t told you about the theme expiring. I guess they age just like us?! ;)

  8. What a stirring change of events. I’m glad it worked out for you and you got some tasty stir fry too 😊 looking forward to seeing some beautiful wedding pics in the future 😀

    1. Oh wow, that makes my day! So very happy it’s all coming together, sis 😊 Thank you and you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I am so glad that you were able to get everything back on track! I ran into some minor errors and glitches with my blog when using outside themes, but nothing like a full on crash! I would have been in panic mode! But you seem to have such a nonchalant attitude toward it, luckily! We invest a lot of time and effort into our blogs and posts that even a minor set back, for some people, can feel completely devastating. But you did the only thing you could which was to handle the situation while tackling the rest of life’s twists and turns! The only issue I am dealing with right now is that I have over 400 posts (which shows up when I go to the admin dashboard) but when I go through the other dashboard, only 102 posts come up. 🤪🤔Trying to figure out why it’s not all adding up correctly is driving me mad! Lol. I hope everything went well with the photographer! 💖 Xoxo

    1. Haha by the end of the day I may have been relaxed but I sure was frazzled in the moment, Samantha! ;) You’re right about the investment of a blog- I know you care about yours a lot too. For your posts issue, is it possible that some of those 400 are drafts? And that 102 are published? Thanks, the hunt continues for a photographer. If only we didn’t have a budget! But we’ll get there, bit by bit. By the way, you made my night with the Tweet about my book ((HUGS))

    2. Aww, I am so glad that my Tweet made you happy! 🤗 Even if you you were frazzled in the moment, I am so proud of how you handled your situation! And you are so we right — we really do love our blogs! And as for my blog, they all say published. Theres only about 3 drafts. It’s just ao strange! 😣 I hope you have/had a great night, Christy! ❤

    3. I just had another idea for why those different numbers are happening, Samantha – Maybe the “extra” numbers are for the other authors on your site. So when you put altogether the posts each of you have published on your blog, that makes the total number of posts? Hope that helps xx

  10. I’m glad that you were able to resolve the issue quickly and relatively easily, Christy! I’m also glad to know that WordPress was able to help you promptly. I’ve been fortunate to never have issues on my site, but I’m not exactly tech savvie so I would definitely need all the help I could get. Kudos for seeing the positives in the situation!

    1. Thanks Amy for such a positive reply! You’re always so kind :) I was thankful for WordPress support, for sure. It secured me as a long-time customer. If you ever do have tech issues then I hope they help you in the same great way. I hope your Friday is awesome xo

  11. You turned a negative into a huge positive which is just so you. You learnt something new (the code) spent some wonderful time with your Mom and your man cooked the dinner. What a busy, eventful and productive day. Definitely time to cat nap :) xxx

    1. Aw well I admit during the moment I was quite stressed. But with a glass of wine, the cat, my guy, and a couch, it was a good day in the end ;) xo

  12. Thank goodness, Christi, I haven’t had that particular experience with my blog. I’m so sorry you had to experience that, but, it seems to have all worked out in the end.
    I’m loving that you are in your PJs relaxing with your man and your cat; this sounds wonderful. What also sounds wonderful is the knowledge that you’ll be getting married soon… Congrats to you both. I’m now looking forward to the pics you’ll, no doubt, be sharing with us.. :)

    1. Yes there’ll be pics to share of the big day, Carolyn! It’s near the end of the year so planning is underway :) Thanks for the well wishes for the blog and marriage. I hope you’re doing well xo

  13. I am somehow can see all bloggers whom I am following in my mobile app. Along with all posts of the readers are not updated in my app. From sometime sites with no follow button but only name are liking my posts. Little worried about it.

    1. For the WordPress reader problem, I wonder if you sign out and back in if that’ll sort the problem? Or contact WP support. Yes I found that with blogs not having follow buttons – a lot of new writers don’t know to add it! I generally tell them ;)

  14. You kept your cool and stuck with it Christy, probably learned a little bit more about your resilience as a result. The world still spun, your fiancè put his cookery skills to good use and at the end of the day you were not a bit frazzled but at ease and relaxed just like your very beautiful Layla!

    1. Layla is so pleased with your comment ;) I’m thankful for friends like you who remind me that there are better days and to keep in perspective what really matters with blogging – the friendships!

  15. What a bummer that your blog crashed! My website was hacked last year and I’m still struggling to get my archived posts back on line. On a brighter note, I was excited to learn that you’ll be getting married. Congratulations and best wishes! Take care my friend.

    1. I remember when your site got hacked, Linnea, so distressing! Thank you, the wedding will be in fall of this year. We are very excited and also enjoying the engagement very much. Sending love!

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