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Don’t let physical disability stop you from living

Don't let physical disability stop you

For anyone who doesn’t live with a physical disability, it can certainly be difficult for them to relate to someone who has one. And while it may seem like life is going to be limited if you have a disability, there are so many stories out there of successful people with disabilities who overcome huge challenges in life and pursue the things that most of us could only ever dream of. Below is the encouragement you might be needing right now to get you on the path to doing exactly that. Don’t let a disability stop you from you having the freedom to enjoy a better life just the way that you want to and without anyone telling you what you can or cannot do so.

There’s a lot of support out there

Whether it’s practical support, such as wheelchair ramps and elevators, or the emotional support of groups and meetups, there is a lot of support available for those who have any kind of disability. If you think that support might not be an option for you or a loved one because of money, take the time to research financial assistance programs to see if you qualify for them. For instance, for those injured during military service, this VA disability calculator provides individual rates for what veterans can reasonably expect for disability compensation.

A pooled trust might be another option to look into. Beyond monetary constraints, another obstacle might be your discomfort about seeking help. Maybe you worry about looking weak to others, whether they’re strangers or loved ones.

But please know you’re not alone. People are in jobs designed to help those with physical disability in many different organizations, depending on the type and severity. And if these people are good at their careers, they won’t judge you. Instead, they’ll work to help you. Please reach out when you feel that there are services that can be helpful for you whether that’s for emotional or physical support.

You could help others with physical disabilities

You never know who is looking up to you. Furthermore, if someone who’s really struggling to deal emotionally with their physical disability sees you live your life without holding back, then this attitude can be a big source of inspiration for them. And you never know what it could motivate them to do. Thus, sometimes it’s important to remember that it’s not always just about you.

Life is too short not to enjoy

Again, this statement can be so easy to say from someone who doesn’t have a physical disability. But at the end of the day, life is truly short. It’s a sobering fact. None of us know how much time we have left on this planet. So, if you have a limitation, then staying inside rather than going out and enjoying the world won’t take that away.

Instead, try to enjoy the world, seek out help from professional services, and start living! You’ll see just how empowering it really is to live exactly who you are.

Physical disability? You’re just as capable as anyone else

If you have a physical disability, it’s part of you, but that doesn’t mean it defines you. That’s important to remember. Rather than looking at it as something that holds you back. Because that’s when you can start slipping into a negative mindset and even spiral into depression over time.

Instead, I hope this post shows you how much we should all be enjoying our short time on Earth. Live each day to the fullest. That’s regardless of the situation we’re in, whatever that looks like, from a mental health issue to physical disability, or both.

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