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5 amazing facts about human auras you didn’t know

Human auras say a lot about people. What does this woman's say?

The concept of auras has baffled and excited humans for centuries. An aura is defined as an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds a person. However, in your practical experience, you will realize this better as the vibe or a certain feeling that you get when a person is around you. No wonder, you feel happier with some people and anxious with others, irrespective of their behavior itowards you. If you want to know more about why this happens, here are some amazing facts about human auras, colors, meaning, and more.

1. The aura has 7 layers.

Human auras have seven layers, each of them corresponding with a chakra in the body. Starting from the nearest to the physical body, these layers are:

  • Etheric (physical)
  • Astral (emotional)
  • Mental
  • Astral body (love)
  • Manifestation (spiritual)
  • Celestial (intuition)
  • Ketheric template (connection with the divine)

These layers connect with the body, brain, mind, spirit, and heart. Thus, they influence the way you think, behave, and live your days. Through regular chakra balancing, you can begin to feel balance within the body, a boost in positive energy, and diffusion of unhealthy energy.

2. The color of the aura reflects physical, spiritual, and emotional health.

The aura is a mix of colors, and a specific color predominates at any point in time, depending on the current  of state of thoughts, emotions, and health. For instance, a dominant yellow indicates that you feel energetic and alive, while red is an indication of deep-seated anger and negativity.

Here is an overview of what aura colors mean for your personality:

  • Orange – Outgoing and social personality, sensitive, and forgiving
  • Yellow – High-energy, great communicator, and independent
  • Red – Finding it hard to control anger, feeling unsafe, inner strength
  • Green – Generous and kind, feeling jealous and envious
  • Purple – Intuitive and looking to the future, wise and intuitive
  • Gray – Feeling disconnection and unable to let go
  • Brown – Pleasing to those who cannot reciprocate
  • White – Living in balance and harmony, highly intuitive
  • Black – Grieving and emotionally shattered, with healing to come

While human auras can be complicated to read, Stan Millhouse from says that they can provide significant insight about a person’s spirituality, as well as their mental and physical welfare.

3. Photos can capture human auras.

Another amazing fact about auras is that it is possible to capture them in Kirlian photos, which is great for people who want a rationale to their existence. This can be done with a special camera and the right technique of taking the picture.

After clicking human auras, experts can then interpret the images. Fro there, you can find out more about the state of your:

  • Health
  • Work ethics
  • Relationships
  • And more

From there, you can begin to seek energy balance and better flow using energy healing techniques.

4. Aura meaning: They play a key role in social life.

Surprisingly, people can read human auras even without knowing it. That’s why you are automatically attracted to some people and turned off by others. And all the time, you likely don’t know the reason why you feel this way.

While you may associate it with instinct or gut feeling, the fact is that you might be reading their aura. In this way, human auras can play a key role in your social life and determine how you bond with other people.

5. Human auras don’t stay the same.

Since your aura connects directly with your current situation and emotional state, it doesn’t always remain the same. It may be dull today, for example, because you feel low. But it might then grow bright when things take a turn for the good.

But changing your aura is not something that you do consciously. Instead, it is a subtle transformation that shifts naturally with changes in your physical and emotional health.

Final words about human aura meanings and more

Now that you know these incredible facts about human auras, you will probably be able to read yours and that of others better than before. By doing so, you can understand on a deeper level why you feel a certain way and what makes you click with certain people more than others.

Finally, over to you! Are these facts about human auras new to you? Does human energy interest you, and why or why not?

77 thoughts on “5 amazing facts about human auras you didn’t know”

  1. It is very interesting that with special cameras auras can be captured on film. It is understandable that auras would change depending upon how we are feeling at the time. Interesting post, as always, Christy.

  2. Very interesting! I heard about auras, but didn´t go deeper, yet.
    So thanks for sharing those insights. :)

    I´m basically curious about everything that isn´t taught at school or else “official” institutions.
    Or things that are labeled unreliable and dubious.

  3. This is a great post! I have had two separate Aura photos taken and they were seven years apart. The colors were totally different and were representative of where I was at the time, mentally, physically and spiritually. It’s all connected!

    1. That’s so cool that you had photos taken! Yes to the connections between mental, physical, and spiritual realms ~ all within and around us, right?!

    1. Christy, honestly speaking… I am not much of a mythological or philosophical person … so can’t help you much, very sorry.. But if I could find any good refrence regarding this… I will sure forward it to you!!

  4. Great post Christy! You did a wonderful job of explaining auras. I’d love to see a photo taken with one of those special cameras! I’m sharing this post at my Sisters of the Fey blog, it fits perfectly! <3 xx

    1. Ohhhh thanks for the share, Debby!! That’s so kind of you to put it on Sisters of the Fey xx Sorry I’m behind in reads of your posts and reads of comments here. Catching up ;)

    2. True that ;) I couldn’t find the backlink at Sisters of the Frey when I looked the other day. Would you mind letting me know if/when it goes live? xo

    1. Hi Dorothy! Yes I actually just said the same a minute ago in response to another comment that plants have auras too. We’re thinking alike here!

    1. I’m loving the many comments here, Michael! Thanks for your continuous support :) The rain stopped here today and blue sky now with only a few clouds. Hope your day is going well.

    2. Thank you Christy! Seems you now really spring has arrived at your region. Here spring sometimes is hiding behind clouds and low temeratures, but we will manage it. Lol Love your wonderful, very informative postings. Excuse if i not commenting all. Best wishes too you too. Michael :-)

    3. I hope your weather gets a bit better, at least during your free time Michael. And never worry about not reading all posts, I never expect that :) Happy to see you whenever you visit!

  5. While I’ve heard of auras before, Christy, I’ve never really looked into them. I notice that 2 and 4 are quite similar – both astral but one emotional and one love. Interesting. Thanks for the introduction.

    1. No apologies ever necessary, Christy. We do what we can. I’m so far behind I couldn’t even imagine catching up. :)

    2. Whew, I admit I feel a bit better knowing that I’m not the only one feeling behind in blog land! Thanks Norah. I hope you get some time to relax this weekend.

    3. Thanks, Christy. I did have some lovely relaxing time – when I wasn’t working. :)
      I hope you found some relaxation as well.

  6. This is very interesting to me. I am just beginning to learn about auras. I have been able to see my own and you have answered a question I had! I wondered if our auras can change and now I know they do. I didn’t know there are multiple layers. Thanks for sharing

    1. I’m so pleased that you found additional information here about auras that you didn’t know before, Julie. I’ll check out your blog soon!

  7. Yes I did learn something new from your article. I believe Auras and Vibrations are connected. People do give off certain types of Vibes. One can sense particular aspects of personality via Auras or Vibrations. I’ve always been extra sensitive, a bit of an Empath able to sense red flags or warnings through physical Auras.

    Personally I believe that a person’s Aura is able to survive death of the physical body. For years I have Connected with long deceased ancestors who initiated contact. They had a message for me or provided me with comfort during especially stressful times in my life.

    The Bible scriptures speak of the body terrestrial and the body Celestial.

    1. I believe in the spirit realm and it sounds like you can find comfort in those relatives who have passed. Having their guidance or support can mean a lot! As for vibrations, it sounds like you have a gift of sending them in people.

    2. The helping and receiving goes both ways. Sometimes ancestors who transitioned centuries ago couldn’t tell their stories and they had to wait for a specific descendant to be born. One who was born for the purpose of communicating what they went through. Their unacknowledged pain, sorrow, fear or loss.

      I have an ancestor who served in the Civil War. The 29th Colored Regiment, Connecticut. Back in 2012 while still at the Museum I was posted in a Civil War Photography exhibition. As I looked at the photos my Great, great Grandfather came to me and I experienced his every emotion as he fought in battle. It was frightening and confusing but Buddhist friends explained that his spirit was caught in a looped time warp but with specific rituals he would be Free. Once those rituals were performed I have not heard from him since.

    3. My experience was similar in many ways yet different from the Main character in the book Kindred by Octavia Butler.

      Octavia Butler was the first African American Woman to win the Nebula Award for Science Fiction. Her books are so realistic that they are predictions and studies of the other side of American life. Though She crossed over several years ago Her voice continues through her written words.

  8. Oooo this is fascinating! I knew a little about auras, but only in a very basic sense. It’s got me curious now about Kirlian photos to capture auras, even though I’m a bit sceptical on that one. Great post, Christy, it made for very novel reading for a Monday! =]

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