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A Beginner Bodybuilding for Women Guide

Building muscle slowly with these beginner bodybuilding for women tips

Bodybuilding is no longer a sport that is only for men. More and more females are starting to see the benefits of beginner bodybuilding for women. They are starting out on an exciting new fitness journey and you can too!

What is Bodybuilding for Women?

Bodybuilding doesn’t have to be as extreme as the photos you see online of people who dedicate their whole lives to it in order to take part in worldwide competitions. Bodybuilding can also be a way to slowly build up your fitness level and get you closer to the body you want.

To put it simply, bodybuilding is building lean muscle. Although it can be harder for women to do this as they do not produce as much testosterone, it increases functional strength, the speed of your metabolism, and your insulin sensitivity which will help you to resist fat gain in the future.

Because of the lack of testosterone, it is much harder for women to achieve a masculine-looking figure, so you don’t need to worry about that either. If you are interested in learning more, check out a website like AskMuscle for better ideas of what you need to do to build lean muscle.

Here is a starter guide on bodybuilding for women. To begin building muscle, focus on food, goals, and supplements.


Gone are the days of thinking fad diets are healthy. That’s a very welcome idea to many women! To build new muscle tissue, you must consume more calories than you normally would maintain your current weight. Build up your calorie intake slowly but make sure you’re still following a balanced meal plan containing nutrient-rich food that gives you energy. Focus on:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Oats
  • Lean proteins, such as white meat and egg whites
  • Lean carbs, such as sweet potatoes and brown rice

Bodybuilding for Women Goals

As with everything, the best way to achieve your goals is to set realistic expectations for yourself. For example, aim to gain 10-15 pounds of muscle in a year.

Pushing yourself too hard will only cause damage that will take you further away from your goal instead of towards it. As a beginner bodybuilder, schedule a regular workout routine, with recovery time in between each session.

Incorporating booty bands into your workouts at home or the gym can be helpful for building your glutes and toning thighs. Finally, make sure to warm up before and cool down after each workout to prevent strains.


Supplements can be a great way to help you reach your goals. They ensure that you have all the nutrients and support your body needs to be able to gain muscle and recover from workouts.

The best supplements for beginner bodybuilding for women are:

  • Whey protein powder
  • Fish oil
  • Multivitamins
  • Creatine

Other useful supplements include beta-alanine and arginine.

Final Thoughts on Beginner Bodybuilding for Women

Bodybuilding is simply another term for developing your muscle strength, and doing so is always going to be beneficial for women as well as men. Don’t let the stereotypes put you off as this can be such a rewarding pursuit.

Given that eating the right foods is crucial to successfully build muscle, come up with a great nutrition plan. Then pair it with a sensible workout plan. Lastly, make sure you aim for steady muscle development and don’t overwork yourself or you’ll risk causing serious damage. Research supplements too and how they can help you to achieve your beginner bodybuilding goals faster. Of course, I have other ideas about how to challenge stereotypes too.

Do you do strength training at the gym, home, or somewhere else? What motivates you to stay in shape?

32 thoughts on “A Beginner Bodybuilding for Women Guide”

  1. Awesome tips! We were doing strength-training at the gym, but we’re trying to incorporate it at home now since we cancelled our gym memberships. We miss it sometimes, but we love our dogs, and walking them in our neighborhood is top priority in the mornings now.

    1. Ohhhh! You ought to try resistance band workouts if you’re into strength training. I can send you a YouTube link to one I used last week that I liked; I did it from home rather than going to the gym. If it interests you, let me know :) I got the resistance band super cheap so it’s not a big investment to buy one.

  2. Love this! My sister used to body build and whew she got buff! Haha. I personally never bought into the diet fads…even when I was younger. I just thought I’d either eat sensibly or perhaps just a little less. My weakness used to be ice cream and chocolate. Now…it’s much easier to go for healthy snacks like seaweed and popcorn, and I love them. :)
    I hope you’ve had a wonderful week! Sending you hugs!

    1. My parents recently brought over vanilla ice cream noooooo now I’m tempted by it being in the freezer! So I hear you about ice cream ;) That’s so cool about your sis body building. HUGSSSSS

    1. I totally want to be one of those women who is going strong mentally and physically through her senior years – we share that vision!

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