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Give experiences instead of gifts for their birthday

Dress up party time! Give experiences instead of gifts for their birthday

When the birthday of someone I love is coming up, I think about not just buying them a present, but giving them an unforgettable experience. It takes really knowing somebody to give experiences instead of gifts like toys. It’s an amazing way to take gift-giving to the next level!

It doesn’t have to be difficult, either. Crafting a truly memorable evening can be as easy as providing a perfect party environment, and letting all your loved ones fill it with joy themselves. What does that look like? Take a look below.

Get a photo booth

Finding a quality photo booth in Sydney or elesewhere used to be a tricky feat, and finding one you can custom was next to impossible. But nowadays photo booths have become a must-have at the most meaningful celebrations for their social media integration and ability to bring people together.

Imagine being able to document your celebration as it’s happening with a photo booth. When you give experiences instead of gifts like toys, that’s exactly what you can do! Create a fun day or evening for all involved.

Not only that, but you can also take photos, videos, and even GIFs of your friends dancing and then put all of it into a dedicated online album. The result is that the birthday gal or guy can relive the good memories whenever they want to do so.

Photo booths can also be a great way to engage your guests from the get-go. They’ll get to know one another better over funny props and goofy shots. And that fun might even get the party-goers out on the dance floor to continue the smiles!

Fine-tune your guest list

One of the most common mistakes when planning a birthday party is putting together a sloppy guest list. That’s not to say that parties have to be super exclusive events. However, when it comes to making sure the person in the spotlight actually enjoys themselves to the fullest, you’re better off keeping your guest list confined to a mix of friends and loved ones that won’t demand too much of their time.

Similarly, it’ll really pay off to send out RSVPs so you can keep track of numbers. That, and RSVPs can instantly add an extra sense of anticipation to your upcoming celebration. In short, just remember that it can easily throw off your entire party if there are too many people to cater for, or not enough to fill the venue space.

Pick a theme when you give experiences instead of gifts like toys

Have a theme! When you do so, it can provide very positive qualities to any birthday party. Firstly, a theme adds an extra personal touch to a party when it fits well with the person being celebrated. For example, I love M&Ms so having them be a part of a party thrown for me would be awesome, whether it’s the chocolate candies themselves or the cute characters from the TV ads.

Also, themes give your guests the opportunity to break out of their comfort zones. They can leave their inhibitions behind and allow themselves a night of pure fun. By giving experiences, you allow not only the birthday boy or girl to enjoy themselves but also a great evening for the guests.

Simply put, themes grant your party guests a license to be creative! And believe me, they often rise to that occasion. Imagine throwing a birthday bash filled with outlandish costumes that all fit a beloved aesthetic. The memories alone can be a magnificent birthday gift for anyone.

How to reduce stress

By now you might be thinking about how planning a party will be stressful, more so then buying a birthday present. But often trying to find that “perfect gift” for a loved one can be exhausting. Furthermore, the planning stage when you give experiences instead of gifts like toys doesn’t have to be an overwhelming one, even when it’s for your husband.

If you worry about the many party planning choices, you’ll be happy to know that themes naturally make all other party prep easier than a theme-free party. Here’s an example:

What to do about decorations? Music? Food? If it’s Disney-themed, dress your space up like the setting of your friend’s favorite move. Buy some movie soundtracks, and slap some eyeballs on some green cupcakes.

Or, something more elegant than that. A “Toy Story” themed party would actually be a fantastic idea, though. And the photos would be awesome.

Final words when you give experiences instead of gifts

As you’re planning the event, always keep in mind you want a warm and inviting atmosphere. Then your guests will be sure to deliver the joy and good times to the event.

Party planning takes time, true, but at the end of the day there’s no denying that it’s one of the most thoughtful gifts you can ever give someone. And by the end of the night it’s something that neither of you will forget.

65 thoughts on “Give experiences instead of gifts for their birthday”

  1. Great ideas ,Christy! I know some of my favorite birthdays have been planned events, such as a trip to a concert or play, or even a movie we’ve been waiting to see, shared with family and loved ones.

  2. I really like this idea, Christy. Regardless of age, most of us end up having too much ‘stuff’. Spending time together is what is important so it doesn’t really have to cost a lot either.

  3. I always throw a big birthday bash for my daughter. I am the queen of organized and giving a great experience. It’s nice to see that others prefer quality over quantity as well. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Maybe for their next birthday party, create an event and put on the invitations for them to bring something decoration-related or a platter of food ~ then it’s all about the experience :)

  4. I like your idea of giving experiences rather than just gifts for birthday parties or other occasions as well. It will make for longer lasting memories in most cases.

  5. I actually have a birthday coming up in two days – mine. And my request is all experience, no gifts. No party, no cake. Just the experience of love that we’ve shared (my guy, my kids, my grandkids now, my friends) expressed though a card, perhaps, but mostly through hugs and smiles. Best gift ever.
    Fun post, Christy.

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