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Long-Distance Moving: Is Car Transport Right for You?

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If you find yourself in a relocation situation and are not sure about what to do with your main or secondary car, car transport by Kent Removals can be a solid option. Ultimately, it is your decision whether or not to hire a moving company to ship a car when moving abroad. But choosing to do so has many benefits that can make long-distance moving a lot easier for you.

Use a Car Transport Company vs. Drive it Yourself

It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of using a moving company against driving it yourself. You’re not alone if you don’t know all the ins and outs of choosing a professional service for car transport. Hopefully, this post will help you by giving you the important facts so then you can decide what route to take to move your vehicle to your new home.

Stress-Free Delivery to Your Door

Worrying about how to move your vehicle to a new home? Those fears dissipate when a professional transportation company delivers it directly to your front door. Most quality car transport services can arrange for door-to-door delivery.

Or, if you would prefer, you can pick it up from a depot. Especially if you have more vehicles than you have drivers in your household, you can save yourself from a great deal of inconvenience, personal time, and hassle by hiring a car transport service. You can also then focus on the other items on your moving to-do list, such as packing household items.

Secured against Damage

Professional car transport services will go the extra mile to ensure that no damage occurs to your car when long-distance moving. If you choose how to ship a car by yourself, there’s a risk of new dings and scratches… or worse.

Better yet, ensure that the company you choose provides some degree of liability for damages to your vehicle in the unlikely event that happens. Doing so will give you peace of mind and recourse should anything occur. If you feel as though it falls short of what it covers, an alternative is to use a local insurance provider to expand your coverage.

Limit Wear and Tear to Your Vehicle

When thinking about how to ship a vehicle, a professional car transport service can also prevent premature wear and tear on your car. There won’t be any extra stress on your vehicle, unlike if you drive it a long way. Transport companies will place your vehicle in a secure trailer which will prevent the car from accumulating mileage and will also prevent potential damage from the elements.

Save Money when Long-Distance Moving

While it may seem counterintuitive, you might actually save money by choosing to have others transport your vehicle. Think of the alternative when long-distance moving. If you move the car yourself, you must pay for expenses over the long road trip:

  • Meals
  • Accommodation
  • Gasoline

You will probably also have some premature maintenance repair bills. That’s because of the extra mileage on the vehicle by the end of the trip. You may just find, when it comes to how to ship a vehicle, a third party is the cheaper choice.

Car Transport Service for Overall Convenience

The only real downside of a car transport service is that you must entrust your vehicle to a third party. To minimize these fears, do some research and finding a trustworthy relocation service locally. A good rule of thumb is to contact at least three companies to get estimates on costs and conditions. By weighing up your options, you will be able to find an experienced company with a solid reputation to move your vehicle safely and securely.

What are some other long-distance moving considerations, in addition to a car? Would you consider using a car transport company?

10 thoughts on “Long-Distance Moving: Is Car Transport Right for You?”

  1. Decades ago when we moved to Wisconsin from Houston, because of a job promotion for my husband, we did have our one car shipped. We drove our other car up there accompanied by our Irish Setter dog at the time. We did the same when he accepted a job back in Houston. It certainly made the trip easier for us only having to drive the one car.

    1. For convenience alone it can certainly be worth it! Moving is such a big process. Thanks for sharing your car transport story here, Peggy.

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