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My Bipolar Mind: A Blessing in Disguise

My Bipolar Mind book cover by Samantha Steiner

Hi, this is Samantha from the mental health blog My Bipolar Mind. It is incredibly easy to look at mental illness as a curse with no cure, but trying to look at your mental illness as a blessing in disguise is where things can become a bit more challenging.

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I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 18 long years ago – when I was just 14-years-old. Everything I know now about bipolar disorder comes from experience, research, and learning about how other’s deal with this disorder. I am not the same young woman I was when I was first diagnosed; I am not even the same woman that I was a year ago. Having come so far, I have learned some valuable life lessons

I am More than the Disorder

What I have learned is that I am not my disorder and that it is only a part of who I am.

Over the past year, I have had some amazing things happen that have caused me to look at my bipolar disorder as a blessing in disguise. I run a mental health blog where I can help others, and I also just had my first book, My Bipolar Mind: You’re not alone, published.

These two events have entirely changed my perspective on my mental health. I no longer feel like I am cursed; I feel a bit freer inside my mind than before too.

One thing that I understand now is that people who deal with mental illness tend to be very gifted artistically. I now feel that without my disorder, I would not have achieved some of the great things in life that I have today. There would be no blog and no book.

Also, I would not be able to help others by sharing my own story. In these ways, my bipolar disorder is a true blessing.

Getting Through It: Try to Stay Positive

If you have been diagnosed with any mental health condition, it is not the end of the world. This I can promise you, as I explain in My Bipolar Mind.

Instead, try to look at it as a new chapter in your life that has yet to be written. It is a blank slate. I know that at times, this is much easier to say than do. But trying to remain positive about something that is life changing can and will help you achieve much more in life than looking at things from a negative perspective. If I can look at my disorder as a blessing in disguise, so can you!

About the Author of My Bipolar Mind

Samantha Steiner is an author, freelance writer, blogger, and mental health advocate. She runs the mental health blog Her new book, My Bipolar Mind: You’re not alone, is now available on Amazon.

16 thoughts on “My Bipolar Mind: A Blessing in Disguise”

  1. What a great article! I live with bipolar type 1 and at first being diagnosed I thought my life was absolutely over. Now even though I still struggle at times, I do look at it as a blessing as well. I was given a platform to to out and share my stories in schools and it has helped me see how my story of obstacles and challenges can be something inspirational to someone else. I agree with the artistic side and creativity ! Thank you for sharing:)

  2. Thank you so much for writing this post. Your journey is truly inspiring. I have learned to treat my anxiety as a panicky friend, to not feel ashamed by it, even embracing it. I wouldn’t trade half my artistic talent to be a “normal” person.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story! I’m learning more about bipolar disorder, as I have a few friends and colleagues who have been diagnosed. A positive mindset is one of the biggest and most beneficial things! Congratulations on your book!

    1. Hi Laura, thank you so much, sweetie! It means a lot to me! It’s very important to educate yourself, especially when you know someone going through it! Thanks again!

  4. Thank you for speaking candidly about bipolar disorder and finding positivity to share to encourage others to see that there can be light. I introduce mental health issues in my YA novel via my character Esme and believe it is crucial to have an open discussion and to try to see the positives even when the going is rough.

    1. Hi Marje, thank you so much for your beautiful comment. I believe it is a very important issues to discuss. It took me a long time to get this far. Thanks again!

  5. Thanks for sharing your story, Samantha. It is good that you are able to see the positives with bi-polar. It can’t have been an easy journey to do so. Congratulations on your publications and on helping others with mental health issues.

    1. Thank you so much, Norah! It has definitely been a trying journey but looking at the positives has been very beneficial to me and I hope that there are others who can do the same! I really appreciate your wonderful comment!

  6. Thank you for sharing the post about Samantha. Her ability to see her bipolar condition in a positive light is an inspiration to all that we can successfully move forward despite the challenges we meet.

  7. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your story, Samantha. I love your positivity; trying to find the good from things we struggle with can be hard, but there are usually positives to eek out if we try hard enough. Huuuuge congrats on publishing your first book!! :)
    Caz xx

    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot to me. I agree, it definitely can be challenging to find the good in any struggle! I think a major part of it is trying to counteract the negative mindset that some of us tend to have! Thanks for reading! xx

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