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5 Ways to Kickstart Your Workout Routine for the New Year

Workout routine kickstart for New Year

The New Year is a great time to hit the reset button on your workout routine. That’s especially true if you have been struggling with it lately. By heading into a fresh year determined to reach your best fitness level, you’ll find that working out comes naturally to you. You might even begin to enjoy it! Check out these great tips to kickstart your workout so you make the most of your time pouring out sweat.

5 Workout Routine Ideas this New Year:

Looking for inspiration on how to change things up? Here you go! Below are five suggestions:

1. Get the Proper Gear

With all the right gear, you’re ready to dive into your chosen fitness goal, from breathable workout clothes to proper gloves for weightlifting. The whole thing will seem more manageable and feel far easier too. For starters, you’ll have the motivation to get cracking with your workout routine to avoid wasting money you just spent on gear, such as a quality headlamp for running safely at night.

Also, the better the gear you choose, the smoother the working out process. Consider asking loved ones for presents to help you ramp up your New Year’s fitness adventure around Christmas or birthdays.

2. Try a New Workout Routine

The new year is always a good time to try something new. This sentiment is the case in most of life’s aspects if not all of them. But it rings especially true when it comes to getting fit. You’ll get a renewed enthusiasm for the best pre-workout and fitness routine by spicing up how you get fit and healthy. And do it with more energy as a result!

But if you feel that your exercise regime has become stale for you, why not change it up and try a sporting activity instead? By doing so, you’ll gain all the fitness benefits of a typical workout routine and have fun. It’s important to enjoy what you’re doing!

You could also try a sport designed to boost a specific part of your health. For example, you might take up squash to improve your cardiovascular fitness. Or, you could try your favorite sport more frequently or intensely.

Even if this sport is a relatively slow-paced one, like golf, the benefits are still there. For example, try walking around the golf course rather than taking a cart; you’ll burn way more calories. Furthermore, remember the earlier advice to get the right gear if you decide to give golf a go! If you’re struggling to decide what to ask Santa for this Christmas, why not put some new golf irons on your list?

3. Don’t Focus Right Away on Progress (Or the Lack of)

If you start a workout routine in the New Year, the reality is there’ll be a learning curve. You can improve in yoga positions or other activities with trial and error. And, if you eat and drink too much over the holidays, be kind to yourself. We all trip up now and then.

In other words, avoid worrying about being bad at first, as that will only lower your enthusiasm. Yup, it’ll throw your motivation right out the window!

Whatever the circumstances, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t up to speed when kickstarting your New Year’s workout routine. All that matters is that you give the sport or other activity a genuine effort.

4. Be Realistic with Your New Year Workout Goals

Something else that can test your enthusiasm to work out is an inability to meet the goals that you set for yourself. To avoid this momentum killer, it’s pretty simple. Set yourself some realistic goals and realistic time frames to achieve them. This doesn’t mean going easy on yourself.

Instead, I mean to exercise to the best of your ability and note what you can improve on in the future. At the end of the day, you’re the one who will either benefit or be held back by the workout routine. So, for your own sake, choose realistic athletic goals.

5. Give Walking a Go

Why not make this the year you ditch your car for short distances and resolve to walk them instead? You’ll be sure to feel many benefits, even by the time February rolls around.

It’s a good way to boost your heart health without using too much energy. Thus you can still give your ramped-up workout routine the time and effort it demands while also making time to fit in walking as extra exercise.

Final words on Kickstarting Your New Year Workouts

By using the momentum that the New Year naturally provides, you’ll be able to kickstart your workout routine and change your life for the better!

Please note: Talk with your doctor before changing your workout routine to ensure it is safe for you to do so, given any existing medical conditions, health history, and more. Only move ahead when given the okay from your GP or medical specialist.

What does your New Year look like? Are you going to pursue a new workout or have a different health-related goal? Comment below to share your thoughts!

37 thoughts on “5 Ways to Kickstart Your Workout Routine for the New Year”

  1. yoursuperfitnesstips

    This new year, I decided to forget about free weights altogether. I’ve started using suspension straps and my joints have never felt better.

    It’s true what you said about the right gear. It should complement our body, not force it to something that could be harmful.

  2. Walking is our favorite form of exercise although I should try out a few more machines at the gym just to mix it up a bit. January is right around the corner and always a good month to make resolutions about better health initiatives. Have a wonderful end of this holiday season and great year to come.

    1. January brings those New Year resolutions for many ~ and lots of people use this new beginning of the year to set health goals, as you say, Peggy. I wish you and your an amazing 2019! Thanks for the great words here.

  3. Very timely post, Christy, and good advice. It’s much easier to design, and keep, realistic goals (resolutions) for ourselves. I wish you and yours a very happy holiday season, and blessings for the new year.

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