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Healthy Home: Cut Out Toxic Chemicals Like These

Make it a healthy home by tossing toxic chemicals

The popularity of homemade, chemical-free, and organic products is on the rise, and with good reason. People are catching onto the damage that toxic chemicals can cause to the health and well-being of their families. There’s also increasing knowledge about harm to the environment, thus increasing the popularity of alternative products. More people are choosing to create their own solutions at home and are being mindful when choosing a brand to invest in. With all this in mind, here are some areas of your weekly shopping list to consider editing if you want to breathe toxic-free air in your household, and ways to create a healthy home.

Think of Your Skin

It’s more than likely that you use some cosmetics and toiletries every day. If you think about how often these products touch your skin, and your family’s skin, you’ll want them to be as non-toxic and eco-friendly as possible.

Remember, chemical risks don’t end after you disinfect your bathroom. Your toiletries and cosmetics could be doing just as much harm to you and your family’s bodies. For example, shower gels and moisturizers that claim to cleanse and protect your body, skin, and hair can contain harmful ingredients that will do the opposite. Products that contain toxic chemicals, such as parabens, sulfates, and petroleum, can lead to many problems.

These toiletries can start stripping skin of moisture, leaving your body dry, cracked, and irritated. Plus, some of them may even weaken your immune system. That’s scary stuff, especially with kids in the house! Many exfoliants also contain microbeads, which are tiny pieces of plastic that end up damaging the life and environment in the ocean.

However, there are plenty of healthy home alternatives, full of ethically sourced and organic ingredients that can take care of your health and appearance, without damaging the ecosystem. Thankfully the internet is full of a comprehensive list of chemicals and products to avoid so you can make a more informed shopping list this week.

Makeup can have Toxic Chemicals Too

Furthermore, it’s not only soaps, shampoos, and shower gels that you need to be careful of. Your makeup bag could contain some toxic chemicals that harm your appearance, rather than enhancing it.

Whether it’s powder, foundation, or blush that you simply can’t live without, make smart choices and choose eco-friendly cosmetics that will be kind to your skin. Much like your cleaning products, you can always try and make some of your own; who knows, you could create the lip balm of dreams and will never look back! Check out some popular brands and give your skin a treat.

Care for Your Healthy Home

The “hazardous” warnings on most cleaning products will tell you how harmful they can be to a family’s health. Breathing in fumes from a furniture polish aerosol or bleach-based toilet cleaner can have damaging effects on your lungs and throat. Using them will often leave you with a headache or nausea. However, there are some alternatives to common chemical-heavy brands, as the demand for natural ones is growing.

Nobody wants their kids, pets, and spouses walking straight into an atmosphere laced with toxic chemicals. So, try a new approach the next time you put on your rubber gloves. If you’d rather roll your sleeves up and create some homemade products, all you need to begin with is your kitchen sink and a couple of empty, clean spray bottles. Ingredients like baking soda, white vinegar, lemons, and warm water are usually the basis for a handmade cleaning solution. You might want to add drops of essential oils for a fresh scent too.

If you’re not into DIY products or simply don’t have the time to make them, there are several pre-made harm-free products for a healthy home. Some eco-conscious companies are producing cleaning items that are kind to the environment, and the health of your family. Check out lists online of the best eco-cleaners.

Nurture Your Nature

Sure, you might want to extinguish little critters chomping on your kitchen herb garden or making you itch in bed. But using products containing toxic chemicals to do so can be just as harmful to your health as the ones previously mentioned.

If it’s a creepy-crawly infestation that concerns you, try creating an alternative that will be gentler on your home’s environment before you start wielding around an aerosol. It sounds a little bonkers but freezing your sheets can help rid your bed of bugs. Just make sure you wrap up the duvet cover before you tuck it in next to the fish fingers.

Also, hot steam and vacuuming can eliminate various insect infestations from the house, so always try a chemical-free alternative first. Then polish your halo for looking after the environment too! Essential oils like tea tree and lavender are often useful as a natural pesticide. Thus, they could be worth investing in for a healthy home.

When it comes to plants, especially edible ones like herbs, don’t douse them in toxic chemicals to keep away bugs. Instead, get rid of these creatures with all sorts of ingredients already sitting in your kitchen, including tomato leaves.

Final Words on Banishing Toxic Chemicals

Switching out products with toxic chemicals that you normally buy for safer alternatives can create a clean, fresh, and healthy home. Plus, you’ll make choices that are good for the environment. In summary, banish those toxins where you can that could otherwise harm your health and theirs!

Do you have any recipes for all-natural household cleaners? Or are you embracing non-toxic makeup? Tell us what’s happening in your home in the comments section below.

28 thoughts on “Healthy Home: Cut Out Toxic Chemicals Like These”

  1. Great advice here! I have a chapter in my new holistic healing book about decreasing the toxin load. It’s extremely important to our health and the health or our families! If one is new to this process, take your time with it. Just begin substituting your “chemical” products with natural ones one by one. Enjoy Vibrant Health!

    1. Wonderful to hear about your book, Gina! You’re welcome to guest post if you like on a topic relating to your book ~ and we’d even include a book link. Feel free to reach out via our Contact page if interested.

    2. Sounds great! Just sent message via contact page… Looking forward to supporting each other as we definitely have similar readers!

  2. Excellent post Christy. I threw out my household chemical cleaners over a decade ago. My go to for quick cleanups is a spray bottle I fill 2/3 water and 1/3 White Vinegar. And one with TeaTree Oil for kitchen surfaces. And of course the same with the food I eat. <3

  3. I put fresh herbs in my vinegar I use for cleaning the floors. (Note: strain them if you’re putting it in a spray bottle, of course). And a while ago I found a recipe for making my own antibacterial wipes using witch hazel and reusable (and washable) cloths.

  4. There is an alternative to chemicals for bedbugs. You remove pets and plants, then the pros come in and super heat your home. The heat kills all of the bb’s.
    REMEMBER PREVENTATIVE tips, such as whenever you buy new clothes throw them in the dryer for 20 minutes on high. That will kill the bugs, eggs and nits. I’ve tossed garments in with tags and all, in case I want to return the items. Not a problem!
    New garments made in 3rd world countries can have bb’s hiding in the finest of seams.
    Also, have a spritzer bottle filled with rubbing alcohol in the doorway. Remove shoes, and spritz the soles and lower parts. This will kill (dehydrate) eggs and nits. Do not wear shoes in the house. Do not put coats, or outerwear on your bed.
    I have a plastic laundry bin with a tight lid. Washing, drying and vacuuming are our allies.

    1. No, but I’m determined that it won’t. Working in Costumes puts the entire department at a higher risk. Most clothes are made in 3rd world countries. Scads of new clothes come into the department. Always budget conscious & for creatives, there is also vintage shopping & sometimes Value Village used clothing purchases. (wash and dry everything used.)When the bb’s began their comeback, I read a LOT of reports, bb registries, etc. Found out I lived in very high bb area of Toronto. Just a trip to the corner store could spell doom. Scared the bejesus out of me.
      I decided prevention was the answer. You know, as we say in wardrobe, “a stitch in time saves nine”

    2. That makes complete sense now that I’ve read what you wrote, Resa. Prevention is key in business and also in our health. The same principle applies!

  5. An excellent article, Christy. I am allergic to everything so I have to be very careful with skin products. My cleanser and moisturizer has to be mixed daily as it contains no preservatives. I try to be careful with household products too.

  6. A very apt, timely post because it’s becoming more ‘in trend’ now for people to recognise how many products are toxic and the ways in which we’re bringing nasties into our home, putting it on our skin, etc. Great ideas for ways to see what’s potentially harmful and find alternatives! x

    1. Thanks Caz for the support here. Yes, I’m glad it’s more ‘trendy’ now to be eco-friendly and kind to our bodies as it’s good for everyone and the planet too xo

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