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Luxe Living: The High-End Apartment Revolution

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The concept of apartment living is undergoing a rapid change worldwide. Cramped living spaces and community laundry rooms are giving way to luxurious, spacious residences with top-notch amenities for their exclusive residents. These homes feature state-of-the-art fitness centers, private rooftop pools, and the finest in modern furnishings. If you’re looking for a new home, then you might be surprised to learn that you can experience luxe living in a high-end apartment without a millionaire’s salary. Singles and large families alike are flocking to these high-tech, high-fashion homes.

Residential Living meets Hotel Accommodation

One of the main draws that a high-end apartment offers are its amenities. These homes have top-of-the-line modern appliances, while the common areas meet the needs of various lifestyles.

Apartment amenities are nothing new, of course, but this approach to luxe living is a unique one. Within the buildings are:

  • Fully-equipped business centers for critical meetings cater to entrepreneurs
  • Workout facilities with the latest equipment help residents stay fit
  • Numerous spaces to entertain guests or unwind after a long day at work

It isn’t just about what you can do in these common areas, either. Inside this type of high-end apartment are hotel-style amenities like package rooms and meal services. With 24-hour concierge services, you can rest easy knowing your pet receives good care and that you’ll never forget an important date again. Each aspect is designed to show you how to live in luxury.

Luxe Living with Personal Touches

Instead of cookie-cutter apartments, residents now have the option to decorate as they please. Designers are building homes with changing tastes in mind, allowing you to design it with vintage in mind or any other decor style. While not every high-end apartment offers this level of customization, it’s a trend that’s quickly catching on.

You might think that all of these luxe living accommodations have billionaire salaries in mind, but that isn’t always the case. Developers are pushing to offer high-end lifestyles to those who earn median incomes, with a vast majority of renters earning anywhere from $60,000 a year or higher.

Accommodations in this range are almost unheard of on a middle-class income, which has added incredible appeal to these apartments. Living the high-life is now more affordable than ever if you don’t mind renting. This is something you can’t find in the buyer’s market.

Image by Pixabay

Designer Fashion and New Age Tech

Two elements driving the high-end apartment revolution are the artistic endeavors by designers and the ability to test out the latest technology. These buildings rise high above city streets. They have striking features like glass-cad exteriors and striking architectural features. The Towers at Rincon are an excellent example.

Also, they are as unique inside as they are outside. For residents, the latest in IT innovations and the Internet of Things become a part of daily luxe living. Smart technology controls everything from room temperature to smart mirrors, while staff use touchscreens and smart alerts to assist residents better.

The combination of convenience and comfort is incredible, especially at such a reasonable price. Whether or not these homes are the future of residential living is still up for discussion, but there sure are one of the nicest living options on the market.

18 thoughts on “Luxe Living: The High-End Apartment Revolution”

  1. These apartments sound lovely, Christy. In fact, I know there are some similar ones in downtown Cincinnati not that far from us. I would miss my yard too much to want to move in one though.

  2. It looks beautiful, Christy, but also a little cold for me. I prefer warm and cozy, country feel, old charm, and a house where the owners aren’t worried about shoes or spills on furniture. :) Not to mention, a house on the first floor. :) But great post and article. xo

    1. I’m more country, wooden stairs and banisters, old-time stuff, just as you’d imagine!! I’d love to have one of those replica stoves, but they’re too expensive.

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