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Best Bralette Buying Guide

Find the best bralette, such as the black one this woman wears in the B&W photo.

More and more women are moving away from traditional bras, full of wires, stiff fabric, and mounds of padding and turning instead to the more natural feel of a bralette. Find the best bralette for you with this buying guide.

Disclosure: I am really happy to work with our sponsor, LIVELY, today to share this information with you! As an Amazon associate, I also earn from qualifying purchases through any embedded links.

Not everyone wants to or can wear bralettes all the time. Some are just too well-endowed to get the support they need, or maybe more coverage is desired in professional environments. But there is a world of options out there for those who want to make the switch, or need to stock up on their supply. 

Smaller to Medium Breasts

Aerie. They offer a wide variety of bralettes, get high marks in the comfort and support department, and tend to be more affordable, so it’s easy to stock up. Also, they make a large variety of non-nude-colored bralettes.

Victoria’s Secret. The bra behemoth has finial jumped on the best bralette boat. Online has the best selection with many styles to choose from, but walk-in stores often have sales for better deals.

Free People. Reach a little deeper in the wallet for these beauties for better styles, more designs and all-around more adorable bralettes.

Jockey. The Amazon best-selling brand Jockey also has a ton of options and styles to choose from, like removable cups and seamless designs. They also have lingerie options for the bustier crowd.

Above: Jockey

Honeydew Intimates. This online-only lingerie shop has lots of options for bralettes and tends to be on the saucier, sexier, though still-comfortable side.

Best Bralette for a Larger Breast

LIVELY. Demand for bigger bras has never been higher. When the Lively Busty Bralette sold out within one day of its debut, the pioneers of leisurée started getting more than requests to restock from its customers.

True&Co. The idea behind this company is making comfortable underwear; with that in mind, they do a fantastic job, especially for those who need more support and coverage and still want to look cute.

Nordstrom. They carry various brands such as Madewell, Spanx, Parfait, and Commando that offer more support but are still buttery soft and classy to boot.

Above: Spanx

Target. House brands Xhilaration and Gillian O’Malley carry lots of designs between the two. There lingerie brands are super affordable.

Cosabella. With literally hundreds of options available on their website, the best bralette is out there. They have something for everybody.

Torrid. The go-to for saucy curvaceous fashion. They have over 50 styles of bralettes on their site with all the sultry, lacy support anyone might need.

16 thoughts on “Best Bralette Buying Guide”

    1. It’s good some of this info about certain bras being unhealthy is getting out there for us to hear about. I think about those undergarments women had to wear decades back and shudder about how uncomfortable they must have been, by the way!

    2. Yes, I blogged about it some time ago. Underwire use to be the thing. They leave deep impressions under the breast too. I still wear them sometimes, but I don’t think they are good for my health. I have not found a good alternative yet, but I’ve been trying.

    3. I suppose the soft cup ones are a replacement to underwire. I have a few of those. And have you ever had a squeaky underwire in the bra? I had one and it drove me up the wall! Send me the link to your post on underwires and I’ll take a read :)

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