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Find Your Soulmate: 5 Things Holding You Back

Find your soulmate; what is holding you back?

Are you looking for your physical and emotional soulmate? Still yearning to meet the love of your life? If so, you’re not alone. Many people are on the lookout for someone to come home to at the end of the workday, tell them the latest joke you heard, make dinner with them, and enjoy hugs. But the quest to find your soulmate is often easier said than done. It could be due to intentional habits or certain circumstances outside of your control. The answer lies in finding the reason why this is happening. In other words, what’s holding you back from finding a satisfying relationship? Hare some five possible reasons keeping you from finding that special someone.

1. Unrealistic expectations

According to Giordana Toccaceli, the renowned relationship and intimacy coach, unrealistic expectations are the single most prevalent cause of not being able to find your soulmate. People tend to look for perfection, visualizing someone who is good looking, rich and intelligent as their partner. It is obviously hard to find people who have every single trait that you look for and you may end up never finding someone who quite fits your expectations. Unrealistic expectations may be holding you back.

2. Not looking in the right places

What’s something else that’s not helping you find your soulmate? Maybe you’re just be looking in the right places. The best places to meet potential partners are at social gatherings like weddings, clubs, and restaurants. Maybe, you’re not socially active because of your shy nature or being a workaholic. Spending most of your time at home or work may not be good for romantic prospects, particularly if dating a co-worker doesn’t interest you.

3. Choosing the wrong people

Being socially unavailable isn’t the only reason that you are missing out on perfect partners. Maybe, you are mingling but not just with the healthiest people for you. Connecting with people who have a bad dating history or who are not your usual “type” could mean you disregard someone who could be your soulmate. Wondering what’s holding you back? Your “type” might not be right for you.

4. You are commitment-phobic

Another reason that you may be unable to find true love is that you are commitment-phobic. Not sure if commitment-phobic describes you? If you don’t want to get into a long-term relationship, it just might be you. Unfortunately, you might not find your soulmate even if you were to meet them because you wouldn’t say yes to a real relationship.

5. Negative outlook towards a relationship

Failed past relationships can contribute to the failure to bond with a soulmate, even if they are standing right in front of you. A negative outlook towards relationships closes you off from being in a serious one, even if the other person is perfect for you.

Find your soulmate: Final words

Do you want to find your soulmate? It could be that one or more of the above things is holding you back from a healthy, loving relationship. We don’t want you feeling lonely. While we recognize having a partner is NOT essential to be happy, a significant other can enhance your life emotionally. The unmatched attraction of the body, mind, and soul is a feeling unlike any other!

Do you believe in soulmates? What are your thoughts?

9 thoughts on “Find Your Soulmate: 5 Things Holding You Back”

  1. I believe you’re right, Christy. So many people fail to find their soulmate because they are looking for an instant connection, an attraction to the “perfect” person, and when it doesn’t hit them like lightening they lose hope. Love is messy, rarely perfect, and strikes when you least expect it. The best thing you can do is to be open to possibilities, and realize that love takes a lot of work.

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