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How to make a good impression at your job interview

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A person gets a job based on suitability, experience, and qualifications, without any regard for how you look, right? While that may be a sound principle, human nature is such that the impression you make as you greet the interviewer goes a long way to nailing the interview rather than being rejected for the job opening. Studies show that people can’t help but make judgments about whether someone is suitable for a job and if they will fit into a team based on their initial impressions. So, if you want to make a good impression at your job interview, it’s worth thinking about your appearance.

What to take to the job interview

You want to look organized and efficient. So, taking a large purse overflowing with make-up and tissues is probably not the best idea.

Take in leather or another good-looking folder or slim case with any relevant paperwork and a few essential supplies. A pen and notepad or a smartphone are great for jotting down information you might need during the interview. For example, write down questions to ask about the job.

Also, don’t forget that everything will be visible to the interviewer, and, therefore, has the potential to affect how they see you. For example, your smartphone case may have an old torn cover. Avoid issues like this by buying elegant new cases for your phone, reading glasses, and anything else you’re likely to need during the interview. You might need to take pieces of ID and relevant certificates too. Bring any correspondence or forms the interviewer has sent you as well.

Choose the right outfit

The first step when choosing what to wear to your interview is to dress appropriately for the role. In most cases, a well-fit suit is the best choice. It conveys professionalism to the interviewer. There may be certain roles for which different attire is more suitable; for example, a suit might be over the top for some entry-level jobs.

In some instances, you may be asked to wear suitable clothing to carry out a practical task, so always check your interview instructions to ensure you arrive correctly dressed. If you don’t normally wear high heels, stick to shoes with a more comfortable design. Trying to walk in heels when you’re not used to them can make you look awkward and feel self-conscious.

Also, wear clothing that won’t make you overheat – your raised adrenaline levels will increase your body temperature and make you more likely to perspire. Clammy hands, damp clothing, and a red, sweaty face, are not ideal looks for an interview.

Final words: How to make a good impression

Knowing that you are well-prepared, have everything you need, and are smartly dressed will give you more confidence when arriving for the job interview. You’ll still need to shine during the meeting, but making a good impression can go a long way towards success.

8 thoughts on “How to make a good impression at your job interview”

  1. Such great advice! I’ve heard so many people say that people ‘shouldn’t judge them based on first appearances. Sadly, that is not the world in which we live–and we all do it! Really great advice!

  2. These are great ideas. I like the list of what to bring. I’ve been working on a booklet for immigrants with limited English who often find themselves in service and construction jobs to help them with interview questions. I finished a draft and hope to try it with students this year. A list of what to bring may find its way into the second draft.

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