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A Survival Guide for Working Women

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Although the number of working women in senior leadership positions has been rising gradually over the years, research has found that this only accounts for fewer than a quarter of the working force. With more and more women actively pursuing their careers while balancing other commitments, here are some pointers to get you ready for the hectic world of work:

Education and Training

Knowledge is power. In 1975, the majority of college degrees awarded went to men, but in 2000 the Post Secondary Education Opportunity Research Letter found the opposite; the majority of associate bachelor’s and master’s degrees were awarded to women. With the vast variety of resources at your disposal, especially in the modern world’s access to the internet, gaining as much knowledge about your sector is one of the best ways to crash through that glass ceiling.

Talk the Talk

The ability to build relationships with co-workers and customers alike and strike up joint ventures with potential partners is increasingly important. With good communication and interpersonal skills, you can easily adapt to changing work environments, and different groups of people, and it may help you during networking events to attract opportunities.

Walk the Walk

Confidence is your armor, and some may find that dressing their best gives them that little boost of confidence to pursue whatever they want. In order to walk that walk, you need the perfect outfit, including a showstopping pair of shoes. That completes the outfit, from head to toe.

This confidence quote says it all. Look amazing and feel that way too, ladies, no matter what business environment you’re in. ©2018 When Women Inspire.

Attend Networking Events

Attending events related to your career interests such as conferences, workshops or even one-day meetups will not only expose you to the types of people in your sector, but you might gain advice and insight into your career path. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and introduce yourself to people you meet. Tell them a little bit about what you do and who knows; they might point you in the right direction or refer you to someone they know. They might even be your future business partner or collaborator.

It might be a good idea to bring business cards to such events because that way you’re not scribbling your contact details on random pieces of paper. Plus, attending networking events with other working women may just land you the next opportunity or help you find a mentor.

Working Women: Find a Mentor

We’re constantly learning and who best to teach you the ropes than those who’ve been through a similar journey?

They may provide valuable insight into the career path you wish to pursue and offer advice on how best to navigate your way past obstacles to career success. These are your guardians, there to take you under their wing, nurture you in your quest, and steer you out of the way of potential career pitfalls they themselves may have gone through.

They may also have the connections to guide you, and it’s always good to have someone to confide in about your career goals. Constructive criticism is key and will help you improve your skills in the long run, and a mentor is perfect for such a role.

Don’t Forget About You

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and burn out. Don’t forget to take a few moments every day just for yourself.

Whether that be taking time to pursue interests and hobbies or simply taking a few minutes away from work and responsibilities, make sure you keep in mind that you are human too.

Self-care is one of the most important ways to stay healthy as a busy working mom. When you are at your best physical and mental state, you’ll be ready to take on whatever challenges life might throw at you.

This is certainly not a comprehensive guide but keeping a few in mind will certainly have you ready to tackle whichever career path you wish to pursue and finally achieve that seemingly unattainable (but completely possible) dream of yours!

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    1. And now I’m sure You would be a fabulous mentor to someone else, Robbie. You’re an inspiration in many ways.

    1. Eeeeeep Debby you were in the Spam folder – Glad I got you out :) Thanks for the many times you make me smile.

  1. I really enjoy attending networking events. It’s why I started my networking hour on Twitter, #CreativeBizHour I’m now a business mentor and there are probably many people out there who could offer support to others who don’t realise that they have the skills. Thanks for another great post Christy!

    1. That’s awesome about your Twitter events, Lizzie~ You’re rocking it with the networking activities :)

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