Happy Earth Day

Did Oviatt had a great Earth Day and I hope you did too! May your windows stay open with nice weather like what Didi is experiencing in Utah ♥ It was clear blue skies here on Canada’s West Coast today too. What was the weather like for your Earth Day?


Didi Oviatt

What a beautiful day its been, here in central Utah (USA)!  The sun boldly graced us with its presence, the birds have been flying about, and the sounds of lawn mowers and power tools found their way throughout my neighborhood this morning. My husband even decided to take my son out on a little lizard catching adventure while my daughter and I stayed home to nap and get a some spring cleaning accomplished.

Okay, okay, she napped and I cleaned!!

I love this time of year! I love all the wet earthy and floral smells. I love the first week of straight hot days and comfortable evenings. Above MOST things, I love writing in the sun! There’s just something about dusting off the winter cobwebs and letting the crisp spring air in.

I personally don’t consider the ”First day of” markers to count for much. On the first day of winter last year, the temp where I live was in the high 70s. Then on the first day of…

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