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Freya Pickard on Fantasy Character Development

Silver Fire book cover

Today’s guest post is from author Freya Pickard, who recently released Silver Fire (The Kaerling Book 1). This fantasy book features siblings who are on a unique quest and find out as much about themselves as one another along the way. I have my copy! Here is Freya Pickard on the character development process for her latest fantasy novel.

Freya is the author of Silver Fire
Welcome Freya Pickard to the blog. Photo used with Freya’s permission.

Silver Fire – Character Development

When Otta first erupted into my imagination, she was a lovely girl who had a good relationship with her twin brother.

Once the overall plot of The Kaerling had been sketched out, I went back to my character studies, only to find that both Otta and her brother, Erl, had developed in ways I had not originally envisaged.

Otta’s path is a tricky one to follow. Believing herself to be superior to the villagers, she alienates them. In defying the village traditions she angers the local gods and is driven into the presence of a mystical being she has no name for. When she discovers her brother, Erl, has lost his memory, her initial concern is swallowed up by impatience.

Throughout the writing of volume one of The Kaerling, I found myself telling Otta time and time again to be patient with Erl. Even Otta’s spirit guide has to remind her that Erl is not himself without his memories.

But I found I understood her impatience with Erl. They are on the run, being pursued, with a death threat hanging over them. Erl is helpless and cannot fend for himself. Otta is responsible for both of them, for ensuring they have enough to eat, making sure they elude those pursuing them whilst trying to follow the elusive unicorn’s trail.

The further the twins travel from home, the darker their personalities become. The only thing that keeps them together is the sheer force of Otta’s spirit guide.

Otta has some particularly dark paths to negotiate but it is worth staying with her. I know how it all ends and if Otta knew, she’d be furious!

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About Freya Pickard

Freya regularly publishes on the blogs Pure Haiku and Dragonscale Clippings. She has 8 books to date. Learn more about her by connecting on social media at FacebookTwitter, YouTube, and Patrion.

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  1. Thank you Christy for sharing, This sounds a fascinating read, Sending huge hugs my friend. and so happy you were in my reader this morning as I logged in for the first time in ages to my reader.. Love to you.. <3

  2. It was a pleasure to be introduced to Freya and learn more about her character development in the Silver Fire fantasy. It’s a tribute to you to support fellow authors. Thank you for sharing her information.

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