When a New Book Review Comes In

Let me finish that sentence:

When a new book review comes in… All of the hard work put into its creation is worth it – and then some!

A new poetry book review

Versions of the Self received a new review this week! Photo © Christy B.

I received a new 5-star review for Versions of the Self this week. Wow.

Honestly, it couldn’t have come at a better time as I have been struggling a bit with anxiety and also working some long hours. I know it’s a phase and I have my ways to get through it, such as renewing my gym pass the other day (I was there today!). I also know that some days are harder than others. Still, anxious thoughts don’t always have valid reasoning to it, do they?

Where was I… Back to the review…

It was a wonderful thing to receive such an in-depth review of Versions of the Self. This review tells me that the reader felt a connection to the words and wants to explain it further. For an author, a review – no matter how short or long – is a welcomed thing. I especially liked what the reviewer said about the poem “As We Walk Together” reminding him of his relationship with his mother.

I know I’ve said this before, but I appreciate all of the support. Here is the book review in its entirety on Amazon.

♥ Christy



31 thoughts on “When a New Book Review Comes In

  1. Congratulations on the glowing review. And 100% of the reviews have been five-star ones – fantastic. I’m about to put out my first novel this summer, I can only wish for such a response. Well done, and what’s great is you can always come back to those reviews when self-doubt creeps in, like it tends to.

  2. My, my, Christy, what a great review; you must be exceedingly chuffed..

    Here’s hoping this space opens up to reveal a greater ability to conquer our human frailties. Times such as this demand our full attention to bring ourselves back to centre; as I know you will… 🙂

  3. Congrats my special lady. We all get these thoughts. You are right. Even when things are going good. You are a great writer and girl you know, remember that and be kind to yourself in this game. I think that is what any writer should do. These thoughts will hopefully pass. In the meantime, high five yourself and celebrate. Oh and get back out there to Mount Douglas. Or similar. These blow help blow the bad thoughts away x

  4. Once more huge congrats dear Christy!Btw,”Pathways to Illumination” is in my hands now.I’ve contacted you on Twitter just to let you know about it.Have a look,it’s along with a photo … 🙂 xxx

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