Rustic Jewelry: The Next Hot Jewelry Trend

Please join me in welcoming personal stylist Lynn Lewis to the blog! I love her take on rustic jewelry as the next big thing in this guest post. I am always looking for ways to put a new spin on the clothes in the closet and that’s exactly what jewelry like the pieces below can do. Let’s give Lynn the blog floor:

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This Is How Doctors Can Communicate With You Effectively

Dealing with doctors can be frightening sometimes, not to mention stressful. You’re already worried about being ill or injured, and doctors don’t always come across as the most natural communicators. Connecting with patients is part of their job, though, and there are certain things your doctors can do to help you feel more comfortable and make sure you understand everything that’s happening. If they’re not using a range of communication methods, you can speak to them about it or ask to see someone else. These are some ways your doctor might talk to you, and how you can request they help you.

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