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6 Forms Of Therapy You Will Love

Dogs can improve mental health
Animals have a marvelous way of helping us heal. Pixabay photo (CC0).

Therapy is not the most interesting way to spend your afternoon, and many of us who find ourselves in the situation where we have a need for therapy don’t enjoy the experience. However, therapy isn’t just about sitting in a room with a stranger and talking about our feelings; it is also about changing the way we feel and becoming who we were supposed to be once more. There are actually some great forms of therapy to try if you are ever in need…

1. Aquatic Therapy

Pool therapy is one of the great ways to get back on your feet after an accident. It allows you to build up your muscle strength as well as your confidence without having to put strain on your body. Swimming is a fun sport that doesn’t require a particular level of skill unless you are in the deep end and will even help you integrate with others.

2. Stables

Hippotherapy is another form of therapy that can help not only with physical injury but also with the brain. This type of therapy involves getting on the back of a horse and learning how to ride one. The reason this works is because of the repetitive movement you must learn during the lessons. This can go a long way towards helping your body and brain recover from an injury.

3. Dancing

Dance-Movement Therapy (DMT) is one that can be a great way to meet new people, have some fun, and also improve muscle strength and flexibility. Dancing is a type of therapy that can take your mind off of the stress of your problems and help you focus on something brand new. It can be greatly beneficial for people who have anxiety as it can assist them in coming out of their shells and facing their fears.

4. Animal Therapy

Getting an emotional support animal can be the key to getting your life back on track if you are an animal lover. When you have a pet at home, you can begin to see things from a different perspective and get unconditional love to help bring you back from that negative state. A pet is a loyal companion who can make your life so much better.

5. Puppet Therapy

An odd addition to this list is known as puppet therapy and it involves playing with puppets to express emotions that you simply cannot in real life. This type of therapy is particularly helpful with children and can allow them to express themselves in a way they could not before. The beauty of puppet therapy is that it can work if you are afraid to speak to a therapist directly because there is a barrier between you and them in which you can communicate without feeling exposed.

6. Horticulture Therapy

Being outdoors is known to be beneficial for both the mind and the soul. It enables you to be away from real life for a while as you instead connect with nature. Gardening can help patients forget about their problems as they embrace instead vibrancy of life by sowing seeds and other garden activities. In horticulture therapy, the patient’s focus is on planting and caring for another living thing rather than dwelling on their own issues, and this can relieve stress.

39 thoughts on “6 Forms Of Therapy You Will Love”

  1. Great post, Christy! I like the old stand-by Physical Therapy, including water therapy. It gives me peace of mind and confidence in my body’s ability to be strengthened.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how our concept of healing has changed?! I love these ideas. I love that they all integrate the physical, mental and emotional components of therapy, and that they all operate in environments that don’t carry the stigmas we so often associate with therapy (hospitals, gyms, psychiatric couches). Makes me want to do some gardening, and then go swimming. With my dog. Great article!

  3. Hi Christy,
    I watched a documentary that said dancing was even better for you than a strenuous workout at a gym. Dancing is such fun too.

    My adorable fur baby provides such joy too.

    Great list!

  4. I have a chronic back problem and aquatic therapy helped me get back to being able to do more. I continue to do the exercises I learned while in therapy today.

  5. Hi Christy,

    great tips and great post. I vote for number 4. Animal therapy . When I am with my dog I feel wonderful.He is very positive and I love him. Real friend

    Thank you

  6. Indeed – good forms – Existential therapy is an interesting one. It’s got a deep intellectual history, and doesn’t place the same priority on the past as other types of therapies. It prioritizes the patient’s own subjective experiences.

    Music therapy—a type of expressive arts therapy that uses music to improve and maintain the physical, psychological, and social well-being of individuals—involves a broad range of activities, such as listening to music, singing, and playing a musical instrument.

  7. Animal therapy is the best.. I have pets and I can surely vouch for it. But another brilliant therapy is the writing therapy…Write your heart out and it makes you emotionally feel so better

  8. Animal therapy sounds so amazing and peaceful! I’ve heard it helps a lot of people especially kids who need emotional support. Apparently, according to something I watched, horse therapy really helps kids who are autistic or have social/emotional issues.

  9. My husband is severely allergic to any type of furry animal, it’s one of the things I cannot change in our life- wish we had an animal. They really play a huge role in one’s life, and absolutely agree having pets helps so much with daily stress and improves well being- I used to have cats!

  10. Nature and a puppy are awesome therapy! I had a border collie that was my heart and soul when I was single. He was such a good dog and he had a good life. I had to put him down because he was sick. It was the humane thing to do because he was in pain, but I miss him and think of him often. :)

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