6 Forms Of Therapy You Will Love

Dogs can improve mental health

Animals have a marvelous way of helping us heal. Pixabay photo (CC0).

Therapy is not the most interesting way to spend your afternoon, and many of us who find ourselves in the situation where we have a need for therapy don’t enjoy the experience. However, therapy isn’t just about sitting in a room with a stranger and talking about our feelings; it is also about changing the way we feel and becoming who we were supposed to be once more. There are actually some great forms of therapy to try if you are ever in need…

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What to Include in a Dream Home?

“I think of myself not just as a dreamer, but as a dream chaser.”

~ Sarah Brightman

Not only do I want you all to dream but to go after those dreams! That’s why Sarah Brightman’s quote above speaks to me and so I include it in this post sponsored by Direct Bifold Doors, who compensated me for my honest opinions about their products. All opinions are my own.

Dreams can be about so many things – from career to family and vacations. It can also be about the home you would want to live in one day. Sometimes I think about stepping out of the condo life and into a house. There would be no neighbors above me, and I’d have more room to spread out my pages of writing notes and books to read.

It’s motivating to think now about what I would include in my dream home down the road; it keeps me fired up to keep writing to get to that point! Here are some of the things I would include in that special house one day:

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