10 Popular Middle Eastern Influencers

Taking note of these female social influencers in the Middle East as I hit the reblog button! Thanks to mynewsdrive for the top 10 list 🙂


Some of the major developments in infrastructure and culture growth can be witnessed in Middle East. Country’s development and growth is dependent vastly on its people and their contribution towards the betterment of the country. These Social influencers are doing exactly that by influencing people’s choices by not only motivating them but giving them a new direction of leading a more peaceful and prosperous life.

  1. Taim AlFalasi

    Felicitated by Arabian Business as “100 most powerful Arabs under 40”, she is the most young and ambitious women in Middle East. With millions of followers and a hit radio, show she is truly an inspiration for young entrepreneur women.
    10 Popular Middle Eastern Influencers

  2. Thana & Sakhaa Abdul 

    Owner of a multi brand e-commerce boutique, Coded Nation, Thana and Sakhaa Abdul came into the spotlight of emerging designers and up-and-coming brands.” These top fashion influencers are changing the fashion scene of Middle East.

    10 Popular Middle Eastern Influencers

  3. Zahra Lari


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