How Safe Is Your Health?

As much as you’d like to think you’re healthy, you never know what is around the corner. The more you’ve abused your body in the past through things such as binge eating or drinking, the more likely you are to have problems in the future. Even if you have started to follow a healthy lifestyle, the past will always catch up with you. There’s also the things out of your control that you need to consider. Life sometimes throws you a curve-ball that you just didn’t expect when it comes to your health. But it is one of the most important things to us. Your health gives you life, and a good quality one at the very least. It is something a lot of people take for granted. What you’re doing to your body and what you’re putting into it should always be at the forefront of your mind. So to show you why your health probably isn’t as safe as you think, we’ve outlined some of the things in life that really will be affecting it. Read on to find out more.

Eating healthy from a young age is best

The Paleo Diet includes eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Pexels photo, CC0 License.

Diet & Fitness

Probably one of the biggest factors of the outcome of your health. The worse your diet is, the worse your health will be. You’d think it would be a given, but the amount of people that ignore this is really high. That is why the obesity rate is so high now, and even child obesity is creeping up to an alarming level. So if you’re looking to protect it, you need to look at your diet first. A westernised diet full of processed fats, sugars, and salts just isn’t what you need to be putting in your body. Not only is it causing obesity, but it is also causing bowel, liver, and kidney conditions that was a rarity not so long ago. We get that the lure of junk food is sometimes too much. But once you break the cycle of reaching to a chocolate bar rather than an apple, you’ll instantly start seeing results. It is actually possible to become addicted to junk food such as chocolate. The dopamine receptors in our brain are activated when we eat such foods that make us happy. When these levels drop you’re left wanting more, sort of like a drug addiction. If that doesn’t put you off it, then the health risks of it should. A healthy diet to follow is one that is low in saturated fats, sugars, and salt. If you want a diet to actually follow, then seriously look into the paleo diet. It is a clean eating diet that fills you with natural and organic foods. It’ll help you to obtain all the vitamins and nutrients needed for normal body functions. Slowly introduce yourself to the diet by doing it two days a week until you feel you can increase.

As for fitness, this is something we all should be doing, but we all find so hard to do. Actually having the motivation to go from being a couch potato to a gym bunny isn’t easy. Again, just like with the diet, work yourself into it slowly and don’t push yourself. Try going to the gym, or simply for a run or fast walk, two times a week to begin with. Start off slow and work your way up with the amount of exercise you’re doing during the days you’re doing it. For one, you don’t want to injure yourself, and two, you don’t want to be pushing yourself so hard that you hate it and never give it another chance. The health benefits of this are as follow. It’ll improve the function of your cardiovascular system which will reduce the chance of having conditions such as heart disease etc. It’ll obviously help you to lose weight if you’re coupling it with a sensible diet. It’ll also help improve your energy levels as a whole, even though you might feel drained during the exercise.

Things Out Of Your Control

Some things in life you just can’t help. Contracting some diseases such as cancer is completely out of your control for some strains of the disease. Research has been done to prove that some are caused by the factors we’ve listed above however. But it isn’t just disease. Something as simple as walking out into the road to get to the other side could completely change your life. Just one wrong judgement or one accident can permanently damage your health. When this happens all you can do is try to make life as normal as possible. It’ll affect your life in so many ways. You may not be able to work, socialize, etc. If you’re involved in a collision with a car, the chances of injuries such as brain damage are high. If this brain damage affects how you function, you first need to look for some compensation to help you get back to normal life. Brain injury lawyers will be on hand to help with this. But the rehabilitation is all down to you. It might be worth seeking out counselling services for an injury that is out of your control. It is hard to have a perfectly functioning life then go to one where you’re no longer in control. Talking to family can often be distressing, so make sure you’re talking to a professional if it is truly getting you down.

Lifestyle Choices

The lifestyle choices you make greatly impact how safe your life is. Drinking is such as big thing as a teenager, and partying is often more important than thinking of your health. Let’s face it, when you’re young your health really is the last thing on your mind. Even into early adulthood we still go out and binge drink until we’re sick, feeling low the next day. Do you not think this is your body trying to tell you something? Each time you drink to excess, you’re putting vital organs such as your liver and kidneys under pressure. Being under pressure from a young age isn’t what they’re designed to do. If you’re having a drink, try not to drink to excess and follow the daily allowance guidance on the internet.


66 thoughts on “How Safe Is Your Health?

  1. I don’t know how I missed this great article of yours Christy. This is a powerful message and one that I hope people listen to. You are spot-on – Self-Care is essential! 🙂

      • Unfortunately, these take so much time (and I want to post one a week so people stay interested in working out) that I seldom get the opportunity to read all the wonderful posts, especially yours, that I enjoy and love to read. Again thank you, you have been a friend and I appreciate you – you have a good soul!

  2. Great post, it’s so true that you don’t care about your health while you’re a teenager, and make many mistakes during that time! Good thing the schools are educating more about the aftermath of not caring for your body in that very important stage of life

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  4. I agree that Paleo is a good way to ease into establishing healthier lifestyle habits 🙂 Then people can customize their diet from there.

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