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5 Internet Safety Tips for Your Children

Privacy settings don't have to dampen your child's Internet habits.

Today’s guest post is from Barry Evans, a tech and privacy guru. He’s here with an important topic: ways to keep your kids safe online. Take it away, Barry:

With a constant stream of pop-ups, ads, and suspicious characters aiming to either break into an individual’s computer or to befriend young children in one way another. The task of a responsible parent gets harder as time goes on.

When it comes to children being safe while using the internet, there is no higher priority apart from them getting satisfaction from what they are doing. But it’s important to check your child from a security perspective, in addition to protecting their eyes from too much screen time.

A few simple tips can make all the difference for your child to be protected as well as keeping prying eyes away from your internet connection while your child is browsing rather than having to provide regular parental supervision.


Modern browsers are doing a great job of helping to prevent the bombardment of ads and pop-ups. They also highlight if any websites seem suspicious and either block the connection or ask if you wish to carry on. Much can be said of any programs that a child might want to download from an unknown source.

To strengthen security from a browser aspect, you can add an extension that adds extra functionality to the browser.

One of the primary types is additional ad-blockers that now do an excellent job of improving a child’s browsing experience. Some extensions also act as a VPN online when using that browser which can be satisfactory for mobile devices when your child is away from home.

Child Filters – Safe Search

After Browsers comes safe-search which is included in many areas, from in the OS itself to websites (YouTube) to dedicated services that prevent any material that is deemed unsuitable for younger children to view.

Web Filters

One of the best available without having to install software on each device is OpenDNS. This has a free version and a premium version which has a small yearly charge.

Being the world leader in web filtering, you can set up your home router with the premium version and protect every device in your home automatically. This can help filter out adult content, spyware, and malware.

Virtual Private Connections

With much of your child’s surfing under control from a few simple add-ons, there is the connection. VPN connections are the ideal solution for this. They do not prevent any ads or pop-ups, yet they make sure your child’s connection is secure.

Whenever they are online, no prying eyes can see their device address and see what sensitive data they have or where they are situated. These connections not only protect your home they can protect your child if they are using public Wi-Fi hotspots to connect to the internet.


These software packages are installed and help to filter any suspicious activity or software that can find its way onto a child’s computer. This type of software has followed on from conventional antivirus software as the threats have become more severe.

Following these simple tips can leave your child happy you are not restricting them too much for their internet habits. On the other hand, you can rest easy you have done quite a bit to safeguard their security while they are online.

Even with all these tips, nothing goes as far as education in what a child should and shouldn’t do online. Especially when chatting on social media.

About the Author

Barry Evans aka the VPN Guvnor is a technology and privacy expert having worked in the IT field for over 20 years. He is a father, husband, and avid football fan.

You can find Barry on both Facebook and Twitter.

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    1. This is Barry’s guest post and I think he knocked it out of the park with all the info! Great to have you here and thank you again for the reblogs, my friend

  1. Thanks Barry and Christy. This is such important information for parents. Keeping children safe – whether in person or online – is our priority.

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