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4 Reasons Why It’s Important To Treat Yourself

Don't exhaust yourself

If you’re a particularly giving person, then you likely do all you can for your loved ones. In fact, you probably do everything in your power to make their birthdays as special as possible, and often buy them little treats when you see things that they need or would like. This is great, and shows you to be an incredibly loving person, but what do you do for yourself? Sure, you might have bought yourself a new top or expensive bath bomb in the past few months, but I bet you felt really guilty about it afterwards. This is normal, but it shouldn’t be. Here are four reasons why it’s important for you to treat yourself every now and then too.

It’ll Boost Your Energy

If you are constantly working and helping out everyone else in your life, then your energy levels are going to suffer. You’ll end up completely burning yourself out, and could even make yourself ill. To avoid this, you need to treat your mind and body well. Something as simple as having a relaxing evening with a Thoughtcloud bath bomb can boost your energy levels, and leave you feeling completely refreshed. If you need a little extra time, then you could always get away somewhere sunny for the weekend.

You’ll Feel Happier

If you are constantly exhausting yourself, without any sort of reward for yourself, then you are going to get sick of it and end up in a constant bad mood. You’ll likely start taking this bad mood out on the ones that you love, which is only going to make yourself feel worse and even more miserable. You have to take out some time to do things that perk you up. These things don’t even have to be expensive! Merely coloring for 30 minutes or watching an episode of your favorite TV show can give you a huge boost.

It’s Great Motivation

Although you ought to treat yourself for no reason every so often, this can cause you to feel guilty if you don’t think you’ve done anything to earn a reward. The easiest way to remedy this is to turn your treats into rewards. For example, if you’re trying to lose weight, agree to buy yourself a new dress once you’ve lost X pounds.

Treating yourself means you then have more energy to love those around you. Pexels photo, CC0.

It Helps Others

Although treating yourself should mainly be about you, there is no denying that it can also improve the lives of your loved ones. For a start, you will be in a better mood so that you won’t take your exhaustion out on your friends and family. Treating yourself by relaxing at home also increases your capacity to love others, so even if you already see yourself as an incredibly caring person, you will be even more so. As treating yourself improves your health, you are also less likely to get sick, so you will have more time to spend with others.

Hopefully the reasons above will help you to ease up on yourself, and convince you to have a guilt-free treat every once in a while.

29 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why It’s Important To Treat Yourself”

  1. I see myself as the giving person that you describe, both in work and also with my boyfriend… but it’s SOOOOO rarely reciprocated that I sometimes feel either taken for granted, or perhaps wonder if I’m trying too hard to be nice when I don’t need to be; I always get a good reaction whenever I do some giving, whether it’s buying my boyfriend little treats, or perhaps giving a colleague at work a (little… don’t want to make them fat) chocolate bar as a reward for doing something good, it honestly always brings a smile to their faces and that in itself can be a reward…

    …but it can feel a bit sole destroying when it’s nearly all one way. So to me treating myself is the PERFECT solution, if nobody else is going to bother then I’ll just have to do it myself. WIll say though that my parents have been great this week, I had a major op last week and they arranged delivery of both a vase of lovely flowers and also a box of dark chocolates. Wish my boyfriend would get the idea… even if he is being a good lad in other ways :-/

    1. How wonderful to hear your parents are showing support now, Andrea. I remember back when there was such scarce communication between you all. Who says the BF needs to buy us flowers? You go get yourself the bouquet and enjoy every moment of looking (and smelling) the flowers xo

  2. Great reminders Christy. So often when we’re busy looking after others we tend to forget ourselves. I love coloring and find it therapeutic for a mindless escape. <3

  3. Hello Christy,

    great post. Here is my four reasons why we should read your posts:
    1. We will be happier
    2. We will learn something new
    3. We will be positive
    4. We’ll work on ourselves …..

    Thank you

  4. nice post and self-care is crucial – really good points – and I checked out that bath bomb – looks different – is it all natural? because some of those bath bombs are very bad news for women’s bodies.

    1. Frank, you gotta address that work/life balance – life is too short! Make sure you get enough sleep too

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