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Are you a hypochondriac? 4 signs you might be

Hypochondriac signs

Everyone at some point in life worries about personal health, and sometimes you have every right to do so. However, sometimes this can spiral into hypochondria, now known as an ‘illness anxiety disorder’ that means your worry borders on obsessive paranoia. The irony is that your worried thoughts can lead to a physical health condition, so while there may have been nothing wrong with you, physical symptoms of stress will begin to show. By now you might wonder, are you a hypochondriac?

Below are some signs that suggest you might be suffering from the disorder. However, don’t let this stretch your paranoia further. Counseling prescribed by your GP will help, so hopefully, he won’t be annoyed by yet another call you have made to him today.

Are you a hypochondriac? 4 signs you could be:

1. Google is your best friend

Google is wonderful, but it can also be problematic. It is no substitute for a doctor, yet many of us rely on the Internet to find out what is wrong with us. We may only have a temporary headache or a harmless rash, but a quick search on Google may convince us we have some deadly tropical disease.

Don’t jump to conclusions. It’s okay to Google “urgent care near me” if you are sure you are in need of healthcare, and common sense tells us to seek help just to be sure. However, you will cause yourself to go a little crazy as well as your doctor if you create needless anxiety over something that is only very small.

2. You worry about getting sick (despite feeling okay)

You’re fine today, but that doesn’t mean you won’t fall desperately ill tomorrow. Perhaps a woman sneezed next to you on your daily commute, signaling the end of your good health.

Doom and gloom befall you at every turn, and you are convinced you are going to fall ill, eventually. Well, we all get ill, but if you constantly worry about everything eventuality that is going to affect your health; even though you feel fine at the moment, you will only make yourself sick with worry.

3. Every ache and pain means the worst

Aches and pains are natural, especially with age. However, if your mind automatically thinks of the worst (even without the help of the Internet), you are probably jumping to conclusions.

The human body is prone to all kinds of problems, but some of them are only temporary and not life-threatening diseases. Don’t assume the default answer is your imminent demise if you only have a headache.

The chances are high that some of the aches and pains are because of the anxiety you put yourself through. In that case, the only tablet to take is a “chill pill.”

4. You need a second and third opinion

So, your doctor has said you are perfectly fine and there is nothing to worry about. You go home, yet the nagging doubt persists.

What if they don’t know what they’re talking about? Admittedly, doctors do make mistakes occasionally, so it’s reasonable to get a second opinion occasionally.

But a third opinion? And even a fourth?

If your “illness” can be explained by the doctor with some degree of certainty, you are probably fine. If symptoms persist, then by all means get another opinion, but give them (and yourself) a break if you start to feel better.

Are you a hypochondriac? A few last words

Hypochondria is serious, and you may need help with the condition. Excessive and often needless worry will make you ill.

Seek help for the problem. With counseling, you can discover the “real” reasons behind the way you feel.

10 thoughts on “Are you a hypochondriac? 4 signs you might be”

  1. Some say Hypochondria it’s not genetic, some argue a moderate influence, me, never worry about illness, or getting sick, but in my family seems to run everywhere!
    I kind of smile and pay not too much attention to their tireless complaints, about been sick, it’s kind of boring, and pointless, and the proof that the mind can get you sick, just because you believe it.
    I wish I could help, but being an Hypochondriac requires a commitment, and first the awareness you are playing tricks with your mind, and by my experience with my relatives, a decease they seem are no interested to be cured! :-(

  2. A bit like crying ‘wolf,’ doctors (and insurance) can label one a ‘malingerer’ (real term), so when something really does go wrong, that person can have a heck of a time being treated seriously. I like the idea of therapy getting to the bottom of the issue, IF the patient is willing to go.

  3. It can be very easy to become a hypochondriac in our society that screams negativity at us 24/7. And this obsession with germs … hand sanitizers everywhere you go. I live with someone who the moment he gets up grumbles about something “wrong” but by the time evening comes that something wrong has been long forgotten. I’ve had my share of serious health crises and have learned the more you focus on health and adjust your state of mind, sick does not come to you. NOT all the time …. :)

  4. Wonderful and informative Christy.. And I know several people whom would fit the signs here.. :-)
    Have a wonderful Christmas Christy..
    Many thanks for your love and support this year.. And have a fabulous holiday and sending Best wishes for Good Health, Happiness and Joy for 2018
    Love and Hugs
    Sue xxx <3

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